Hallyu fever

December 23, 2010

It’s been so long since i last blog eh? These days updating my emotion on facebook seems a lot easier than posting entries in blog. Nevertheless, here i am today, updating nekoparis via iPhone. It is sorts of a trial project.

Anyway, i am currently crazy about k-pop, that is korean pop (and korean dramas). I don’t really remember when it started, but i’ve always liked this one particular song by a korean boyband called super junior, entitled sorry sorry. I was captivated by the catchy tunes and the dynamic dance moves (i love boy who can dance. I find them sexy). But that was that then. But recently the interests in them has became deeper, that i started listening to their other songs, and downloading their video clips and stuffs. And not just them, a few others with catchy songs and interesting dance moves as well. My current two favourites are super junior and SS501.

Ok, now i remember how did this fever started. I watched boys over flowers, which is the korean version of live action drama of the manga hana yori dango. Never heard of it? It was a popular live action drama in japan as well, it goes by the same title as the manga. The taiwanese version is called meteor garden, about these 4 boys in an elite school who bully a poor girl in the same school. The thing is, in all of the versions, i have always like the same character, hua zhe lei in meteor garden, hanazawa rui in hana yori dango and yoon ji hoo in boys over flower. The one i was attracted the most was yoon ji hoo, played by one of korean prettiest boy kim hyun joong. I later came to know that he is a band member, called the SS501. So i did further search about the band, their songs and stuff, and then onto super junior as well. And then, i just got crazier over korean dramas which would always, always line up pretty, pretty boys. Now i sound like a cougar, but damn those pretty boys looks adorable!!

Ok, some of them do look too sotongish.

But anyway, i love the dramas because it does not portray reality. Haha. Why bother looking for reality stuffs in dramas when we can get plenty of them in real life. I don’t know about others, but i read book and watch movies and dramas to get away from reality. They make me feel real good, for example, if i watch a movie that is too depressing, than i’ll be thankful that my life is not as bad. If it’s too good, then i can keep on wishing that maybe i’m destined for such great things too. Haha.

The fever is here to stay for a long time, i think, for me, and for many others. So, let’s jut deal with it. You guys go and talk about EPL, formula 1 or Tenang by-election and i’ll be here with my collection of korean dramas. Cuti raya cina nie mabuk la aku marathon!!!!



  1. aku suka realiti… šŸ˜‰
    baru aku paham kenapa aku tak berapa into semua drama bersiri yang korang tengok, except meteor garden. huhu.

  2. dah abes mabok blom.. ihiks

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