Of Birth and Joy : One Proud Auntie!

June 3, 2009

Le Bebe..

I am the world’s proudest auntie at the moment, i think.

 My sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy last saturday May 30th, so healthy he weighed 3.95kg! His face is chubby while his body is long – long hand, long legs, long fingers, hoho.. My sister, the mother had to be operated because he is big! He was born in Temerloh hospital, approximately one week after the due birth date. And did i mention that he is so cute?

I arrived in Temerloh around 1pm and he was already asleep. He sleep peacefully, without a care in the world. We kept on teasing him, touching his face, his hair, taking off his booties to see his tiny feet etc etc but he simply ignored us and carried on dozing off. He was so cute (again hehe).. I was so eager to see him that i paid no attention to my sister (the mother) haha.. What can you expect? He’s the first nephew in the family!. My parents’ first grandchild! I could not express enough how proud i was (and still am!) At around 3pm he awake and cried a sad cry. We all laughed because we thought babies are supposed to cry a shouting cry (like uwauwauwa kind of cry) but instead he cried the huhuhu type of cry. Somehow, even the sound of the cry was really magical. It warms the heart (it warms MY heart). So my mum changed the diapers (his mother was still lying on the bed, unable to move yet. THe father was still kind of awkward hehe. Poor guy.) After the diaper had been changed, he went back to sleep. Just like that. Kecik-kecik dah kuat tido.

Towards evening more people came to visit, so my father had to ‘wake him up’. He woke up without a fuss, and the eyes were shining so brightly. He was so cute and looked so innocent! But he didn’t cry one bit. What a good boy! Oh my God, i’m praising my nephew like crazy!

He is not my son, but now i understand how does a parent feel upon the birth of their child, particularly the first ones. I am only the auntie (Maklong) but the feeling is already that intense. This is the next of our generation. He bears the hope of the family. As for now, he hasn’t been given any names yet, we still call him ‘baby’, but i hope my sister and her husband will give him a good name, and hopefully he grows up to be a great man and live up the name he’s going to be given.


~ The Proud Maklong Aimi ~



  1. mi…muka dia tak nampak macam muka baby baru lahir seyh…

    comel comel!!!

  2. mi, muka baby ada iras muka maklong la.

    i guess, being the first grandchild does feel something out of the world great. though now at 9th, i do cringe inward when my sis/SIL announced that they’re going to have another baby.


    anyway, congrats and savour the enthusiasm 😉

  3. mi….comeynyooo…seb baik baby boy…kalo girl nk kenen ke amsyar doh…ahaksss

    congrate…!anak sedara pn mcm anak sendiri jgk…hehehehehe

  4. huhu.. haah la mi ada rupo mu skit.. mato kot.. dio ikut beloh family mu…

    😀 tunggu nanti dah pandai berlari dan bercakap.. huhu.. lagi fun..

  5. comelnyer…x de rupe budak baru lahir pun 🙂 rambut pun lebat. senang skit nak jaga sebab badan dah semangat kan…

    browsing through khai’s blog…& there u are. might not remember me ha…coz diff group.

  6. chomeyynyerrr.. ehehe

  7. mencik ore nayu tulih belog kok bahaso inggerih! tok pehe, kawe ngaji koloh pondok jah mulo. hehehe…

    tahnioh la auntie aimi deh

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