Mr. A-Z = mraz

March 6, 2009

at the ripe age of 27, i finally went to my first concert ever, the “Jason Mraz Live in KL” at Stadium Negara last wednesday. I had to pay RM138 for the ticket, and it worths every single cent!!

Me, together with yanie and ct drove from the office around 5.45pm, and lucky for us, the road was clear. arrived the stadium (after sesat barat a few times) at about 6.30. we thought we’d arrived pretty early since the concert is supposed to start at about 8.00pm, but there are tons of people even earlier than us. the stadium was already packed with people by then. we had to queue up, a very long queue and had to finish the drinks because we cant take it inside. drink like crazy huhu. then we reached the entrance gates. the RELA man stop me to check the content of my bag. i had purposely brought my camera, in hope of getting a few photos of jason mraz as proof to you all readers, but the RELA man said, no camera allowed. dang, write it somewhere la dude!! so, i had to go keep it away at some lost and found counter, and then queue up again. bangang sungguh. then only the idea occurred to me, if i just put it in my pocket, they will not search it because they didnt do body search. well, what the heck. i simply couldnt care anymore. if i could just see jason mraz in the flesh myself, that is good enough for me.

we chose the standing area, because then we can dance freely. the area was packed with … err.. school-goers, college students.. suddenly we feel very old, very makcik because well, compared to all of them, we are obviously old huhu. but again, what the heck! we waited and waited, and at around 8.30 pm, Mr Mraz finally appeared on stage. he was so cool, so cute (i always thought he is cute), simply wearing a tee-shirt and his famous fedora hat.

and we had a blast!

he performed his famous songs like the remedy, you and i, i’m yours, geek in the pink, lucky including my favourite which is not so famous anyway, entitled if it kills me. well, i don’t even remember all the lyrics, and there were also some songs that i never heard of but he was simply awesome! since i am short, most of the times i had to ‘tinjit-tinjit’ to see him on the stage clearly, and yeah, that was good enough. i had to say, he is one amazing singer. he had a great, beautiful voice and he perform live very well. it was like listening to his cd except with a few tokok tambah here and there, a different arrangement and all. my only complaint is that, the malaysian singer who accompany him to perform lucky (it is his duet with colbie callait) did not do justice to the song. she didnt complement his voice and i must say, i hate it. true she had a good voice but she totally wrecked the song. i’d rather jason sing it together with the crowds. apart form that, like i said, it was a blast!

well, i didnt get any pictures or recording, but i experience it myself and i must say, i fall in love with him even more now. nowadays, i listen to his song all day long, in the office, in the car, at home. i’m now so taken with LUCKY. hum it everywhere i go. bet my frens are annoyed with me. hehe.. bear with me for just a little while people!

p.s sudah beli satu sandal hot. nie nak pegi beli lagi satu. yak ak au!


One comment

  1. glad u had fun. susah apa, makcik pun makcik la yang penting enjoy!
    bila lah bleh tengok mu pakai kasut hot ni. 🙂

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