February 15, 2009

i was lucky enough to finally get a chance to watch Puteri Gunung Ledang The Musical Season III last Friday. Even though the tickets were quite pricey (RM173 is really not cheap for someone of my salary), i and hanisah was more than willing to pay, simply just so we won’t miss the chance to watch one of the most-praised theater in the country.

buku cenderamat yang dibeli dan tiket yang mahal tu!!!

buku cenderamat yang dibeli dan tiket yang mahal tu!!!

anyway, our journey to IB started as early as 5.00pm, because both i and hanisah are really not sure of the way to go there. and true enough we miss the junction and had to make a u-turn at Jalan Tun Razak, which was “macet total” (heavily congested i can say). but all is well, we got there really early and had plenty of time to change, have (fairly cheap) dinner and perform our maghrib prayer before we proceed to the Panggung Sari. The whole hall was packed, not a single seat was empty. Our seats were not that ‘strategic’ since we only got the side stalls, but they were close to the stage and all was well.

i had one of the most marvellous time in my life then. the performance was superb. the set-up and props were spectacular.  i love the main actors as well as the supporting ones. everyone was fabulous. i won’t say that i was really ‘that’ mesmerized by Tiara and Stephen as Gusti Putri and Hang Tuah though. they did a good job, but somehow, the intensity of their love didn’t reach me. i expected i’d cry at the end when Tuah and Putri are seperated by the Sultan’s curse (i did when i watched the movie), but i didn’t because it wasn’t that heartbreaking (for me). but that’s about it. other than that, i have no complaint.  and i loved adlin aman ramlie!!!! he was charming and cute haha.. never dreamed of seeing adlin to dance so jovially, but now i can’t get enough of him dancing!

i then spend my Saturday night at the movie with Hanisah and CT, watching Valkyrie. The movie is about a group of Germany army personnels and some politicians’ plot to assasinate Adolf Hitler.  i wouldn’t say i was really looking forward to watching it, but since it was one of the movie rumoured to be the so-called “box-office”, i say, why not? it was not disappointing. i won’t say i reaaaaaallllyyyy like it, but it was good enough. but what i like about the movie was the costumes. well, it had to be said that the Nazi uniforms were really fashionable (at least, that’s what i think – i had a thing for trench coat which was like part of their unifroms). anyway, all the actors looked so damn hot in the uniform (don’t mind their body shape though – i excuse them because the uniform made them look so damn good!). go watch the movie, at least you’ll like the uniform if not the movie hehe..

p.s tom cruise looked really fat as col. claus von stauffenberg. maybe the script needs him to be fat. whatever. still the uniform made him looks good.



  1. […] KyoSakuraParis wrote an interesting post today on https://nekoparis.wordpress.com/2009/02/15/362Here’s a quick excerpt … i then spend my Saturday night at the movie with Hanisah and CT, watching Valkyrie…. […]

  2. maybe tom didn’t have enough time to diet down after tropic thunder, kot? 😉

    mi, jeles ah. mau nonton PGL juga tapi takde rezeki…

    em, can i invite you to my blog? need your email, deyh?

  3. thanks shidah.. it’s rolex_manager@yahoo.com

  4. done 😉 happy reading!

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