major disappointment!!!

January 24, 2009

1. skip beat is my favourite manga.

2. its main charatcters are Mogami Kyoko, Tsuruga Ren and Fuwa Shotaro.

ren - kyoko - sho

ren - kyoko - sho

3. Kyoko evolves from a naive girl who was being bullied by Sho into a strong yet vindictive yet clueless young actress and join the show business to get back at Sho.

4. Tsuruga Ren is an established actor, so good-looking and so talented too. Kyoko and Ren grew close because they are in the same agency, and later, acted in the same drama.

5. Ren is attracted to Kyoko for some reason, and so does Sho. Huh, biler orang lain nak baru dier sebok nak jugak. Sho keji! I’m on Ren’s side. I want Ren to hook up with Kyoko.


7. today i read news on the manga going to be adapted into live action –> turn-off factor number one : it’s going to be a Taiwanese version. I hate it! Should just stick to Japanese.

8. The actor who is going to play Ren is Jerry Yen –> he’s cute allright but he can’t be Ren! Ren is not cute! Ren is handsome, manly, mesmerizing, anything but cute!! ( i couldn’t be bothered to put his pic here. he doesn’t worth it. just in case you’re wondering, he’s the one who played Dao Ming Si in Meteor Garden.)

9. seriously, didn’t the producer(s) read the manga beforehand? before they chose the actors? God, i am suuuuper-disappointed!!!! Give Ren some credit!!!!



  1. mi, cantik background 😉

  2. sudah semestinya.. obsess kan?

  3. eh. sama theme. hihi.

    btw, dao ming si hensem bagi aku. tapi biasalah definisi hensem kita sentiasa berbeza. hooo…


  4. dao ming si tu hensem je.. cume hensem dier tu bukan hensem yang sesuai untuk Tsuruga Ren.. huhu.. chah, bukan theme nye, yang penting header nye tu hihi..

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