Scars and Pain

August 19, 2008

by Lisa Marie (www.poems-and-quotes.com)

The only thing my heart could still feel is pain
I have given up all my hopes and dreams
Nothing’s left except of fear and emptiness
If just someone would look straight into my eyes, he could see the scars on my soul-
Which feels like a broken mirror
He could also feel my hopeless despair which makes me sick
But no one looks straight into my eyes and will ever do

Sometimes when I look up into heaven
I’d wish to be able to fly with the angles
High up to the moon
To play with him and all the shining stars
But there’s no way to fly with them and there will never be

Nobody will ever know the way I really feel
Will ever feel the pain that I feel
They think I’m ok, because it seems so
But it hurts and there’s no one to talk to
No one who will listen and understand my feelings

My life has no sense
It never had and will maybe never have
Where’s that childish innocence we had
Those times we thought that there’s a cup of gold at the end of a rainbow
Those times we just had to close our eyes to fly with the angles
To dance with the clouds up in heaven and to ride a falling star
It’s all gone and will never return

All my wounds and scars will never heal and there will always be that empty whole in my heart and soul what could only be filled through some unapologetic love and a person who knows what I feel and do feel the same way.


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