..memakai tudung..

July 29, 2008

been facing these few and various about wearing scarf from our curious collegue :

“why do you wear scarves?”

“do you have to wear it?”

“what’s with the colour?”

“u can wear any colour u want?”

“is there any differences between married or umarried women?”

“is it comfortable? it’s not hot to wear that?”

“don’t you feel discrimanated?”

“etc .. etc.. etc..”

i feel like asking them to gather after maghrib prayer so that i can tell them once and for all about wearing scarves, macam kuliah maghrib… hohoho ..


One comment

  1. mi, lebih afdal kalau kuliah mu itu disertakan dengan slide show power point untuk memastikan penerangan dan penjelasan yang diberikan adalah berkesan ke hati nurani diorang semua. hehe. cheer up! 5 1/2 days more to go!

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