i went crazy!!!

July 16, 2008

it has been 3 days, but i havent gotten used to taiwan yet. u see, the sunrise is early, the subuh is around 4.30 in the morning, and by 5.30 it’s already very bright. for two days in a row, i woke up at 6 to find the world shining brightly, and then i couldn’t sleep anymore. it’s only 6 for God’s sake!!!!! why should i get up at 6 when breakfast is served at 7.30 and classes start at 9.00??? oh, wait, maybe i should go jogging, they have great facilities here. but if i jog in the morning, i’ll be sleepy in the class. it will be a waste.

anyway, i’m enjoying myself here. my english still sucks (but not big time, the Thais are even worse), but i can still communicate. and last night they took us shopping at the night market, and, yeah, it is rather difficult to shop when u don’t know mandarin. i can count from 1 to 10, but since the prices usually start from 100, i don’t know how to say it. i just find out this morning, that 100 is ‘yi pai’, 200 is ‘er pai’, 300 is ‘san pai’ and the rest. and you can ask ” can i?” as “ke yi ma?” or “ke yi?”, and “no, you can’t” as “pu ke yi”.. haha, we heard this phrases all the time in the drama, but now it’s time for action and put it into practice, i was totally lost!!!! luckily our friend was there to help us shop. at least she can di the bargaining. now i need to learn phrases like “please, i buy a lot, can i get a lower price, or free gifts?” ohohoho ..

just to tell you people, last night, i found a stall that sells brooches, which has the design of butterflies!!!! a lot of them, and none of the design you can find in malaysia. i was so happy. it was sold at 100NTD each, that is around RM11. i bought 7 of them. our friend said that it is much cheaper if we go to taipei main station, but since we are sure if we are going there, i just bought those. if i find some more, i’ll just buy them. hoho .. i love butterfly brooches!!! and i also got myself 2 handbag, 399NTD each, around rm45. crazy!!!!! last night, i spend around 4000NTD.  that is about, rm400. wow ..

sorry i couldn’t attach any photos yet, we havent been to a lot of places yet, and i don’t have the card reader yet. will update later!!! yeeehaaaa!



  1. mi…nak t shirt selai. hehe. weh, have fun. thanks for ur call too. 🙂
    baru berapa ari ni mi…u have to be there for three weeks! jangan boros2… 🙂 take care.

    p.s : I hope u try to jog in the morning, mula2 u might feel tired but lama2 once u re familiar with the routine, u’ll get energetic la in the class. 🙂 btw, maybe baru2 ni jer tak leh tido, nanti mungkin mu akan dapat tidur punya after six o clock in the morning. hehe 🙂

  2. nak t-shirt jugak!!!
    hehehe (tak malu sungguh ahkon!)

    have fun!!!
    3 weeks in a mandarin-languaged country…

    happy la aimmi di sana ye!!

  3. t-shirt sangat mahal kat sini .. paling murah around rm35 ..
    takut tak cukup duit je .. i will buy if i have extra money, and after that u have to pay me back, sebab ia sangat mahal!!! chah, i got you a besday pezen, dari oversea feewitttt!!!!

  4. hehe…thankiu mi-for the bisday pezen [in advance]…as for the t shirt, if u’ve got extra money then u buy lah…if cannot i dont mind…if ada yang cantik2 i lagi suka…nanti i bayar balik lah [kalau u belilah….] 🙂

  5. pagi tadi aku langsung tak boleh bangun huhuhu … poyo je siap berjanji nak main badmintoon segala haha .. abes sumer orang tanye pagi nie main ke tak, perlu la ku cakap aku ngantuk ..

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