Tatta Hitotsu no Koi

June 17, 2008

i was watching Japanese drama Tatta Hitotsu no Koi .. tengok trailer dier macam best giler .. jadi tonton la … baru part 1 of episode 1, tapi sebab hero dier Kazuya Kamenashi sangat cute, jadi saya akan tengok semua episod drama nie ..

i read the synopsis, it is another typical love story .. boy meets girl .. boy is poor, girl is rich .. blablabla .. u get the idea .. but because i am such an incurable and hopelessly a romantic movie/drama/anime/book freak, i think i am going to love this one very much. and not to mention, i will cry, absolutely!! (i cried everytime i watched a japanese drama, the dialog were just so touching!) i hope this drama won’t let my hopes down (like Indiana Jones … sucks big time!!)

the heroin? comel … tapi bibir dier jenis yang bee-stung tu (if you know what i mean) .. sexy, tapi sexy yang innocent .. i prefer angeline jolie’s sexy ..

anyway, mau tido sudah … tak sabar menunggu ketibaan the latest season of CSI Miami … Abang Horatio!!!


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