berpeluh .. berpeluh ..

June 17, 2008

check friendster tadi .. “you have got a new friend request” .. jeng jeng .. name : am** ..”what the hill??? this can’t be true!!! my ex won’t send me friendster invitation.. that’s so not like him .. click pada gambar yang cinonet tu .. baca details beliau.. nampak yang tulisan kaler merah – location : kemaman, terengganu … NOOOOO!!!! THIS CAN’T BE TRUE!!!! lepas tu baca : male, 19, it’s complicated .. 19?? 19?? fuh .. lega.. adik-adik ku rupenye .. huhu … maner la dier dapat email saye agaknye .. berpeluh sekejap ..


One comment

  1. haha…19? apakah..huhu…sabar mi. if i were you, i might react the same too. haha…cool babe!

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