May 20, 2008

i was queuing at the counter in jusco midvalley, behind this guy who was paying for his stuffs. he was waiting for his credit card slip to came in when he suddenly said : “u should buy the marigold, it tastes better”. at the time i was about to pay for my fruit tree apple aloe vera drink. i was like, is he talking to me? it took me a moment to register that he was talking to me, for whatever reason. i just said that i like this drink, so i buy it, but he kind of insisted that i tried the marigold because it tastes better. i was in a good mood, so i just told him i’ll try it next time.

in those ‘critically’ short moment, a few things came to my mind, quite very spontaneously :

1. what is it with this guy?

2. is he hitting on me?

3. what is marigold to him? i mean, does he own a marigold factory or something?

4. does marigold has any apple aloe vera drink? i thought it was only peel fresh and fruit tree?

5. is he really actually talking to me?

6. what is it with this guy???? funny …

i appreciate some people’s efforts to, you know, try to get friendly with whoever it is around them, even strangers (they say strangers are only friends we are yet to meet, whatever), but it’s kind of funny trying to be friendly and pretty pushy at their first “hello”, don’t you think?

midesmidesmides laughed like a hyena when i told her this incident … huahuahuahuahua …



  1. gua rasa alasan no. 3 la.. dia ada interest in marigold doing well kot.. hehe but no. 2 is always possible too!

  2. tu la..aku pun bukannya anti sosial maksudnya aku tak kisah kalau sape2 nak tegur aku walaupun aku tak kenal org tu tapi…ye la siapa dia nak komen pilihan aku kan…beria2 je dia….tapi tak pela..maafkanlah dia..mungkin dia dah ada pengalaman buruk minum apple tree kot dan dia rasa marigold lebih baik….

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