it’s starting today ..

April 1, 2008

i change unit today.

it feels different.

of course, the job specs are different, totally.

i move to a bigger room, where everything is bigger.

bigger table, bigger chairs, bigger closet, bigger rack.

and it got a sofa set (not very nice, but now i have my very own sleeping couch ..)

and way too many storage space. too many drawers.

but less magnetic walls.

and a magnificent view, facing the lake and the mosque.

wow … i read two pages of things and fell asleep .. zzzzz …



  1. hi paris…i m going to a new office too. but, there’s no room, no chair, no desk, nothing…even pc pun yillek…there is just a post to be filled in. huhu…

  2. aku? i’m still here with the same room, same chair, same desk, same pc and a bulk of paper n file that need an attention from me. erm…

  3. but a new SUSK muahahahahaha …

  4. hahhahah. n pg td kul 815 dia dh call aku. pdhal aku baru kuar umah. kantoi btul.

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