sLaM dUnK!!!

January 28, 2008

slam dunk is quite an old anime. i don’t know how long ago it was first published as manga or anime, but i first watched it sometime in 2004 or 2005, when it was aired on AXN channel (audio japanese, subtitle english). and i have fallen in love with it ever since. but those were the uni years, i don’t have enough money to buy any cds or any merchandise of the series. but i made sure i never missed any single episode on tv (sadly, i missed the final episode .. it always happen to me!)

anyway, it was a very entertaining anime to watch (like echah i also do not know how to review the books i read or the things i watched). enough to say that it was one of the funniest anime on the planet.

actually i don’t even know what to write la today. i just wanted the world to know that i fall in love with mitsui hisashi, and at times, i think rukawa kaede is the coolest guy on earth. i love them both very much because, well, they are handsome (yeah, yeah .. i know you would say : “they are drawings!” .. whatever ..)

shohoku team
back row (from left) : reserve (dun remenber his name), reserve, reserve, haruko (sakuragi’s crush), anzai sensei(coach), yasuda, kogure, kakuta, reserve
front row (from left) : captain akagi takenori, 3-pointer ace MITSUI HISASHI, tensai sakuragi hanamichi (or so he thinks ..), sakuragi’s sworn enemy rukawa kaede, point guard miyagi ryota
Screenshot Numero 11


Screenshot Numero 18   



  1. miiiiii….aku pn sgt sukaa ini cerita….rukawa-kun yg sgh handsome!
    l.o.v.e rukawa!

  2. aku suka budak ryonan yang kul itu..aku tak indat nama gapo..adakah namanya sendoh? ahaaaa….ensem ensem ensem 10X huhu..
    they are drawings, whatever they are so cute!!!

    aku start minat slamdunk bila adik aku belik komik tu 4-5 tahun dulu…hah? 4-5 tahun lalu? argh…tetiba rasa tua!!!

  3. sendoh tu cool tapi macam baik .. jadi macam kurang best .. suka rukawa n mitsui jugak sebab cool dan jahat!

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