..ki$$ing $pot..

January 6, 2008

got this from a friend’s friendster bulletin. cute.

Libra : Everywhere.(perfect)
Sagittarius : in the bathroom(loving)
Taurus: On the trampoline.(okk)
Capri corn :.In the hot tub(HOT)
Aquarius : .In The Elevator(normal)
Aries : in a pool!(WOW)
Pisces : On The Kitchen Table.(sexy)
Gemi ni : Under the stars.(romantic)
Virgo : In a car.(Oopss)
Leo : On the beach.(niceee)
Sc orpio : Under a tree.(shy)
Cancer : In the rain.(cute)

huahua .. huahua ..



  1. ahahah…in the rain…huhu…tapi kalau orang yang dikiss tu berbintang lain, maksudnya ada 2 kissing spot lah…demit! 😛

  2. hehe … even better … kalau dapat partner libra .. muehehehe … everywhere .. hohoho …

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