angry week (as always)

December 1, 2007

it is my angry week .. i am angry all the time .. at everybody .. no wonder my skin wrinkle so fast. i just feel like shouting at everybody, for no apparent the silliest reason :

1. my sister .. i am still mad at her

2. my room mate : for going to the course and leave me with tonsand tons of bloody works …

3. my boss : for .. a lot of reason

4. my friend : for not waiting for me to watch the movie (when she knows i am a movie addict) ( and when we (me and other friend) actually postpone the plan to watch the movie because we want to wait for her, but she doesn’t wait for us .. or even tell us she’s watching the movie with other people)

5. myself : for being so selfish and mean and bi*tchy and intoleratable and unhappy with other people’s happiness and tremendously a pain in the @$$!



  1. paris..
    sorry aku tengok muvie… sorry i made u angry…sorry i broke ur heart…

    sorry for everything….

  2. sabar paris sabar..

    marah tu mainan syaitan.. hehe ceramoh plok aku.. kui kui..
    🙂 lamo dok dgr cito mung..

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