langkah bendul?

November 1, 2007

i have always said that if my sisters want to get married first, fine, go ahead. “suit themselves” said i. and yesterday, my sister (younger of course) said she’s introducing her boyfriend to our parents (we are not close so i don’t know she has a boyfriend, so whatever). but somehow, it bothered me. not the boyfriend thingy, or the facts that she’s introducing him to our parents. what bothers me is that, i don’t even bother to get to know the guy. i’m not curious about him or anything. i don’t even want to know him. i don’t care if he marries my sister. i hardly talk to my sister (who is my family), and if they marry each other, how would i cope with another stranger in my family? and when i am enjoying my single life, my sister seems ready to settle down (of course she knows how to cook, sew, tidy up the whole house – in other words, domestically equipped) when i am a failure in all those (except tidying up the house part). i seems so immature compared to her! and it bothered me (or rather my ego). i always have the big ego (everybody knows that), and so having someone superior that me (even in this marriage thingy which is not my favourite subject of any time) is very damaging to my ego. guess i’ll be going back to my hometown less and less now. *because with my friends i can talk and joke about everything, but not with my family*. and my sister has a boyfriend? i don’t care.

*actually my mood today is ruined by stupid cops who puts STUPID cones in the middle of the road where there was actually nothing. the whole highway was jammed. i got out at 7.23, and because of the stupid stupid really stupid police and their cones, i arrived at work 5 minutes late when i could have been 20 minutes early than usual. STUPID POLICE!*



  1. wow… speechless aku

  2. aku pun speechless jugak lah! đŸ˜‰

  3. Babe, at least you know how to tidy up… As for me.. I can’t do $h!t…

  4. takyah la pikir berat² sis…

    cuma jgn la ko tak layan langsung bakal adik ipar ko tu.

  5. hahahaha…aimi aimi….aku pn speechless gok…adik ipar lelaki sgt senang diignore berbanding adik ipar pompuan mi….so…relax je….buat cam tak nampak je dia….hehehehe…

  6. thanks frens. i don’t really mind the adik ipar thingy .. he can do whatever he pleases, i just don’t like the concept of my younger sister is much more mature and should i say, accomplished, than i am .. *big sigh …*

  7. as for me, my lil bro is getting married this december. terasa diri cam crap je. big egos and stuff, i know.

    my mom asked me on how i feel aout my adik getting married earlier than me. my answer was clear n honest: i’l be ok because he’s my younger bro. if it is my younger sis, i’ll be a LOT bothered. terasa diri tak laku…

    there, i said it. and i’ll feel it. which is unfair. dah rezeki dia kan?

  8. i had the same prob.. aku skang ni sdg rs skit sgt sbb aku dpt news adik aku nk kwin early than me.. sdangkan aku msih tertunggu2 buddy aku yang still study n mybe dlm 2 thun lagi lah kami akn mengakhiri hubungan ni dgn perkahwinan. sedikit sbnyk perkara ni mengganggu emosi aku, wp aku try to b cool as usual, tp hti aku slalu tertanya2 camnelah tanggapan org lain ble adik aku langkah bendul sdgkan kkaknye blm lag.. mmg aku agak conservative skit dlm hal ni… aku sedihlah…

  9. nurya, at least you have someone, hokay.. cheer a bit on that..

    insya Allah rezeki ada. tak lambat, tak cepat. baik-baik aja.

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