~ overprotective me ~

September 19, 2007

i am the kind of person who is very protective about my close friends. i don’t feel the pain if my friends are hurt, i rather felt a very strong (scale 10/10) anger towards the person who hurt them. and i don’t forgive people who hurt my friends. even if my friend has already forgiven him / her and get on with life, living happily ever after with or around that person, i still won’t forgive him/her. i know that people makes mistakes sometimes, and as much as i want to be forgiven each time i hurt someone, they also want me to forgive them. but i can’t find it in my heart to do so. and when my friend happily go out or hang out with that ‘jerk’ (i like to use that term for this people), it hurt me, because i’m afraid, my friend will be hurt again. i don’t know what would happen if my friend marry that person. i think i will never visited their house during raya, during the birthday of their children etc. i don’t think i can bear to be in the same building with the jerk.

i’m so miserably mean.



  1. gila ganas…nice layout!

  2. it’s good that u protect your friend. but maybe they have their own way to mend their broken heart.

    anyway, who are we right, to control other’s feeling? but we can control ourselves.

    just let them be. if they are happy, then u should be happy. (for your friend, not for that jerk.)

    open up paris.

  3. i tried but i can’t be happy for them. i always got that nagging feeling that even if they’re so happy together now he / she might hurt him / her somehow in the future. most of the time i’m right, so .. well .. blame it on the instinct.. yes i can’t control their relationship, in fact its not even my business, but i can’t help it.

  4. I invite you to read the blog from insightsoutsidethewalls.wordpress.com dated Sept 11. It helped me.

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