would you marry you?

September 13, 2007

i am fat. i know that for a fact. i am not attractive, externally. i won’t say i’m attractive internally either. i’m stubborn, i’m a coward, i get angry really easily, i hate people who make my life hard. if i were someone else, would i marry me? i don’t think so.

even so, i am attracted to handsome, hot man. who doesn’t? but my definiton of handsome, hot man seems to be out of the world (or at least, out of Malaysia), because handsome and hot are bard pitt, george clooney, brandon routh (superman), horatio caine (not david caruso, horatio caine the character) and donald flack (csi new york). but, would i marry them? i don’t think so..

one of my friend (who is not so ‘good looking’ according to my scale of handsome and hot) said that her (very pretty) girlfriend used to reject a much more good looking, wealthier, smarter man (in other words, the most eligible bachelor laaaa). he doesn’t understand it. i told him, we tend to admire people ho seems perfect on the surface, but when it comes to having a serious relationship or a commitment, we look beyond what meets the eyes. it’s not the look, the charisma, the money etc (although in my case they DO matter the most), we seek compatibility and security. we envision spending a lifetime with this man or woman, is it workable, if we fight will we be able to mend it, will he/she makes me happy, will our children be beautiful. or sometimes, when our hearts tell us that he/she is the one, we stop thinking at all, and go with the flow.

having said that, would i marry me? i still think, i wouldn’t. but i hope george clooney would want to marry me and stick with me forever. *sigh*..



  1. ok nak gelak pon ada… but what i can say is that dont get personal inferiority complex bothers you when these kawin/ mencari jodoh topic comes up. juz chill. its there, out there. be patient & ull b rewarded.

  2. chop… lemme clarify the nak gelak baca ur post sebab bunyi angry in the funny tone…

    -i come in peace-

  3. i read it again and i must say, sorry for the spelling and grammar error .. angry in a funny tone? hehe .. that’s one way of managing your anger positively .. see ..

  4. mi, dalam kekurangan kita tu, ada jugak kelebihan…

    tapi tu dah melampau berangan nak kawin ngn george clooney πŸ˜›

    anyway, u can be beautiful inside…and i think i’d just say unique.

    i like the way i’m are.

  5. sangat +ve. kudos! πŸ˜‰

  6. Babe…

    i learnt that you have to love imperfect person perfectly and not loving a perfect person imperfectly….people always say to me that jodoh belum sampai or it is not your time as yet…but actually men need to see beyond our physical attributes and imperfection and sees the real us..but most men are shallow (no offend) thus not give us the time of the day…i used to wish a guy would swept me off my feet and love me despite my shortcomings but now not anymore…i have officially given up and will learn to live a single life…and i miss all of you sooo much lah

  7. hay yanie, true enough la that most men are shallow (no offend also) hahaha …

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