September 5, 2007

how do you react to an ex (who apparently have a new / steady girlfriend while you are still VERY single and available) ???

my reaction : type a very quick sms to cachah midesmidesmides and fishfish

“Aiyo .. AAM is here .. HELP!!! i need rescueing!!

and i tot i am so over him already .. huhu .. guess not yet lah ..



  1. true, i tot you’re way over him already. well, it’s good sometimes to have something to hold on to. even though we know that sometimes the turn over is way too low than what we expected.

    Huh. Hope u understand what I’d said. :B

  2. hehheeh… kisah hati dan perasaan.. tragisss

  3. ya, sometimes you tot you get over with it, but actually when your ex is in front of your eyes……your heart speak it loud……*sigh*

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