a passing thought

August 28, 2007

bosses come in different kind of looks, attitude, style, etc. one boss of mine is stout, not very handsome or stylish, back – up every single one of his officers (even though later we’ll be scolded anyway by him) from the ‘upper people’, believe in human touch in every job we do, like to eat, like to travel, like to share stories. other boss is tall, not very stylish either, have faith in whatever his officers are doing, encourage them to be independent and learn about things themselves without being spoon-fed, very active and agile, hate to travel, hate to eat, has a vogue wife, like smoking very much. other boss is stylish, drive suuuuperbly – nice car, talk a lot, scold people a lot, demanding a lot, very nice, very active, very friendly. other boss seems like a very serious guy, someone whose appearance says : “don’t talk to me unless it’s about work”, don’t talk too much, very gentleman, sharp – tongued at times. some other boss just like to argue until we said “ok, i surrendered”. it’s not the matter of the bosses’ attitude, preference, natural behavior etc, but it’s more of how we adapt ourselves when working with them. and it’s just a sign for us to learn, that when we become bosses, be someone who’ll get the job done and doesn’t hurt anybody (mentally, physically, spiritually) in the process. in other words, we learn so we don’t make the same mistakes, and becomes a better person, someday, when we are in their shoes. what do you think?


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