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August 23, 2007

I had been very busy (family day, this function, that function, this dateline, that dateline, missing files and all) and very sick also (fever, backache, stomachache, muscle cramps, dizziness, cough, running nose, u name it, I have it). And in those times, I have made some discoveries, and would like to share my findings with my fellow readers :

1. I am not a brilliant surgeon, but I don’t snore (so says MidesMidesMides). And MidesMidesMides doesn’t snore either. I don’t know if both of us sleep like the dead, but I am pretty sure she doesn’t snore. I don’t snore, do i?

If you snore, it’s better for you to go see the doctor and get some advice. It’s not like snoring is a crime, but if you snore in public (say in an airplane, or in a bus), u disrupt public order, hehe .. that is almost a crime in itself .. I used to be very disturbed by someone’s snore in the bus, but I was lucky to have brought my mp3 player. What I really meant to say is, studies have been made about snoring, and it actually has something to do with your breathing channel (is it? Saluran pernafasan? My English sucks (n_n)). It might not be as dangerous as cancer or HIV but it might have a bad effect sooner or later. People don’t die of snoring, but we never know ;p

2. I am watching TRL right now in tv. I hate the screaming girls (or should I say fillers??).. they’re noisy! And I just watched part of the video clip “beautiful girl” by sean Kingston ( I lurve that song … catchy ) and just discovered that the word “suicidal” is banned from being aired in the tv screens of Malaysia. I was like, “what the heck?”. I’ve heard the word in radio repeatedly and didn’t have a single urge to commit one. I dun know. And avril lavigne’s make-up in the video clip “when you’re gone” is smudgy and hideous!

3. Keeping ourselves fit and healthy is a very vital aspects of life. In the last 2 weeks, I spend nearly rm190 treating all kinds of illness. Fisrt, I had a terrible backache, which then followed with a muscle cramps and a serious demoralization issues. Because I can’t stand it anymore, I went to the clinic to get the advise of a certified doctor. Below are the record of conversation between me and the doctor :

   Doc : Apa sakit?

   Paris : belakang saya sakit sangat, tak tahu kenapa.

   Doc : ada pakai heels?

   Paris : ada, tapi takde la jenis yang tinggi. Biasa-biasa je.

   Doc : ha, sebab u pakai heels la belakang u sakit

   Paris : (dalam hati : what are u saying? U didn’t even check and u say I have backache because I wear heels? How would u know if it was because of some salah urat or something???) tapi selalu saya pakai heels takde aper pun. Bukan tinggi, and bukan tiap kali saya pakai heels saya berjalan jauh atau bermain lompat tinggi (I dream of saying the part bermain lompat tinggi tu sebenarnye …)

   Doc : yalah, selalu tak sakit, ini time sakit jugak. So u cube jangan pakai heels 2 minggu.   

   Paris : speechless … (jangan pakai heels? No, I can’t do that! Without heels I’m an incomplete woman! No!!! don’t give me the ultimatum!)

   Doc : ok, itu je.

I was angry at the doctor. I mean, was he so great that he knew my backache was caused by my wearing heels? He just has a look at my eyes and he knows? I think he’s bulltuuuuut!!!!! And then he gave me 6 types of medicine, which I paid dearly (rm40) for them and did (actually) nothing to relieve the pain. I just couldn’t stand the pain anymore that the next day I went for a massage at Thai Odyssey, Mines. It costs me (another dearly) rm84, but the next day, my backache was gone, like I was never sick before .. hmmm .. and I was all smiles and grins again (n_n)

Comes Tuesday this week, i woke up with a sore throat, a bad one. I can’t breath, eat, drink or even gulp properly. It was painful. And then the fever, the cough.. I don’t get sick too easily (I pride myself on that), but when I do, I’m like a vegetable. My friends (who are all unqualified doctor) said it might be tiroid (and I was praying th whole time that they are wrong!). And because I am not very good at queuing up and wait patiently like a good girl at the government hospital, I paid another visit to another clinic ( I hate the last doctor!), and this time the doctor was nice. He checked my mouth, check my blood pressure, my temperature before finally said “ u have a slight wound at your (trakea??), and it is infected by kuman, thus the fever. The wound is still there, and that explains the pains. So I’m giving you some medicine to help you get better. Is that ok?” well, it was way ok! I mean, he’s nice, he’s helpful and he doesn’t make me feel like I’m some idiot who goes to see a doctor to get advise like “you should drink more water” .. I paid him rm40 as well, but I dun regret this one.

The first doctor was a Chinese, my masseur was a Siamese, and the last doctor was an Indian. Man .. talk about perpaduan ..

4. VJ Utt of MTV is so cute! He’s sooooooo my type … naughty naughty Paris!!!


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