a morning that was …

August 3, 2007

yesterday had a terrible headache .. maybe becuase of the late of break fasting, plus wearing contact and spec alternately. so once i arrived home, i cleaned my make up, set the alarm clock and doze off … ting tong at 9.50pm … so early …

so today i woke up early la .. by 7am i have already dressed, made-up and ready to go (usually at 7 i was still turning on the radio to listen to fakta atau auta on hot.fm, still terhegeh-hegeh nak make-up and all). i was stalling time until i said to myself “just get going. there’s nothing to lose even if you reach the office early”. so i got moving, to my car which was parked at a bit farther distance than i usually do (now our aprtment has our own, designated parking lots. can’t park near the elevator anymore sob sob …). heat the engine and drive ..

then i stopped at the nasi lemak yang sedap punye gerai (people said the nasi lemak is delicious but i usually didin’t have enuf time to stop and buy because it’s across the road, but since i’m early today, i stopped). buy a nasi lemak withour any additional lauk, it costed me only 1 buck. hmmm … cheap!

the drive again straight to ofis. masuk je simpang putrajaya tnampak la keter kelisa biru WL tut 171 melintas di sebelahku. beliau telah memotongku. and now, the car that use to be idolized like a mad woman (because i had a terrible crush on its owner at that time …(n_n) shame …) by me is being driven by a woman (his beautiful sister) in front of me. if i was in this same situation like this like 1 year ago, i would have had ventilated in the car because i was so excited and all, and probably ended up hitting the car just so we can spend time together, chatting, even though it’s about how am i going to pay for the wreckage. i guess i was crazy. but no, i didn’t hit the car today, simply don’t have the urge anymore.

and so i arrived at the office at 7.30 in the morning. hello world, MALAYSIAKU GEMILANG.

p/s i can’t log in to my office email, so i’m stressed to the max. arghhhhhh !!!!


One comment

  1. dah agak dah..sampai awal, mesti ngapdate blog punya. pepagi da leave comment in mine. heheh.
    have a nice day mi.

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