i’m 25 years old …

July 27, 2007

another day had passed. two days actually. suddenly i’m 25 years old. time passes without we realize it. i am very thankful to those bunch of frens who, by the way, never forget my existence. they celebrated my birthday on the day i most don’t want to celebrate (who wanted to be reminded that they are a day older heheh ..) anyway, i love them. thanks for those cakes, they were delicious (of course …). and those wishes and cards as well. i love my frens.

the thing about birthday is that it reminded us that we are a day older. for children and teenagers  it’s a good sign because they don’t have to listen to all those “you can’t do this” or “you should do that” or “you have to pass the exams so that” (or so they think because parents are still going to say those things even when the children are already 47 years old, they’ll give advice and restrictions as long as we are their children, their blood).  For the veterans, it’s like a reminder that the house is already shoo shoo them away, while the grave is calling “come here, come here”. for us in our 20s, it’s a reminder that we are another day closer to becoming another species of the 30s. there’s nothing wrong with aging actually, it’s just that our hormones are telling us that we are old, and haven’t yet achieved everything that we are supposed to achieve at this age. for example, marriage, or at the very least, a boyfriend.

i am 25 years old, single, unattached, uncommitted, enjoying my freedom to the max. people won’t think of it as an achievement. i guess as long as i live in this society of “women’s place should be in the kitchen”, people would never recognize that at 25 i am considerably a good achiever. i have a good career, loving friends and family, enough savings, probably my own house in another 2 or 3 years time, my credit record has always been excellent, no debt currrently (except for last month credit card expanses). i think i’m doing very well. i just don’t have a husband yet. but 25 is such a young age and i don’t think i’m ready. i’m not yet that very domestically equipped, so, i’ll just enjoy my singleness for the moment. i’m happy.

anyway, thank you for those birthday wishes. and those many happy returns, long live aimimi, as well as the “may you find your true love soon”. i hope soon (for a boyfriend) but not so soon (for a husband).

thank you wolrd. I AM NOW 25 YEARS OLD.


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