when are you getting married?

July 21, 2007

several possible answers :

1) shut up. it’s none of your business.

2) when i got asked.

3) when the time come

4) bila sampai seru

5) when i have enough money

6) when i find the man i like and he likes me back and he wants to marry me.

7) let my parents find me a husband/wife candidate.

8) nobody wants me.

9) wait, i’m not yet ready.

10) what? i studied for years to get a good job and u’re asking me when am i getting married? are u out of your mind? i’m not getting married yet, not until all of those years studying begin to finally pay off.

11) i don’t want to get married, forever. end of story.

12) i already got the date but no suitable candidate is appearing yet.

13) i have the date, but the yaer is to be determined later.

14) he doesn’t want me!

15) i’ll wait for those more senior and older then me get married first.

16) aku belum jumpe lagi lekai yang cukup baik untuk aku..

17) nanti-nantilah … nak sponsor ke? nak kawen dengan aku tak?



  1. fufufu..(try gelak ur way lak) fufufufu..

    i couldnt agree more with the proposed reasons!

  2. i am getting married, well…when the time comes, and when a good man ask his hand…

  3. my answer to my grandma,”sorry la tok, belom jumpa tok kadi sesuai…” her jaw went open wide….

  4. ahahahaha … tok kadi pun boleh pilih eh? nice …

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