to play or not to play

July 4, 2007

if you play with fire, you’ll get burned

if you play with water, you’ll get drowned

if you play with air, you’ll get choked

if you play with soil, landslide!

if you play with some other people’s husband/fiancee/boyfriend, you’ll :

   1) get nothing

   2) get him to marry you in the end

   3) probably get yourself a ‘madu’ (honey is not always sweet ok ..)

   4) get acid thrown in your face

   5) get a mad housewife to quarrel with you in the public ( you know, the hair-pulling scene)

nothing of it seems like nice consequences, right? but if we don’t play, life won’t be fun. and life is (to quote something from RafiqaHazuraRina’s blog) too short to do nothing. so what the heck, get out there and have fun. BUT REMEMBER .. ‘Kau Buat Kau Tanggung La’ …

(p/s pernah jugak ader short-lived affair with someone’s boyfriend, but being me, i felt guilty and decided to break up. it was not a wonderful experience)



  1. to play is nice, at the starting and in the middle. but the ending is only for the strong heart.

    you can play, as long as you know when to end it, and act hard to never cross over the limit.

    and, it’s not nice to play with someone else’s belonging, u know that thing/man/woman/boygirl would never be yours.

    but for training i think it’s okay. :p heh wahatever. don’t let me interfere you.

    just my 2 cents worth…

  2. great blog! I could read here for hours

  3. Thanks again for a brilliant post

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