we are only human

June 28, 2007

last night, i was quite emotional .. i felt very sorry for george o’malley .. his father couldn’t fight the complication of the cancer operation, and had been in coma for sometimes, until his internal organs began to fail to function. the family was advised to let him go since there is no more way he can make it another day. it was a tough decision, i mean letting him go like that was like murdering their own father (literally meaning), but if they don’t, they are saving him for another day of suffering. and i think the burden was heavier for george, because he studied so hard to be able to save people, but not his own father. poor george .. i felt so sorry for him that i cried (mind you, i’m not the soft-hearted kind of person)

and i like what izzie said to miranda bailey in the end :

“I’m both. I’m a surgeon and I am a person who becomes emotionally involved. I will never again cross the line like I did with Denny. I have learned my lesson. But I’m still both, and I’m not going to give up either part of me. And I am not going to apologize for it.”

and i think, that’s so true. i mean, we are a human being, we have emotion, even if we are stone-faced. there’s no way in the world that we can seperate our emotion from our profesionalism. try as we may, we usually end up failing and disappointing ourselves. we were told that we have to be objectives in our decision, we have to be fair, but is there really justice in the world. we are an employee, an employer, a government servant, a lawyer, a doctor, a son/daughter, a father/mother, a politician, an actress/actor .. we are many things, but we are just merely human. human and emotion can never be seperated. so, go figure with profesionalism! (some of the times ..)



  1. aku yang terlalu dipengaruhi oleh emosi… just bear with me.

    p/s: kawan2… tak yah kesiankan aku tp aku harap jgn ade yg amik hati kalo aku tak professional. [mode: aku yg pendek akal]

  2. i couldnt agree more. i tend to fail in seperating the prosffesionalism and emotion….but it’s just me. i know i’ll be fine. maybe sooner, maybe later. it’s all the matter of time. but, i’ll be fine.

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