we’re better off as friends – bul*&^%t!

June 11, 2007

a man said, he doesn’t anymore trust women, because a woman have hurt him before. therefore he doesn’t want to be involved in a relationship too deep because he fears he will be hurt again. but later he started caring for a new woman (woman no. 1), and when the relationship looked like it was taking a new direction, he backed off. because he’s afraid woman no. 1 might hurt him, again. how does he back off from the relationship? he started sort of a new realtionship with another woman(woman no. 2) who seems to adore him. and what did he tell woman no. 1? “i think we’d better off as friends” .. frankly : that man is a total JERK! i mean if you are so afraid that a woman might hurt you, then don’t care for her. women don’t care if you look like a frog, but if you show that you care, they will interpret that as a sign of love, or at least, that you like them more than a friend.  so stop being so caring if you don’t actually want the relationship to go anywhere, and drag yourself to the nearest gay bar or something. if women might hurt you, might as well you go find a man as your life partner. huh!!!!

this is not another chapterof my sad and unsuccessful love life. it happen to many women around us. it’s either the man do as the story above, or he already has a girlfriend but still want to court you to test his power or because he’s lonely the girlfriend is far away (this one happen to me), or the man love the woman very much but he can’t continue the relationship because he doesn’t want to hurt his wife (F them!), or the man simply doesn’t want the woman because he’s so great and every woman on earth are just penniless humble servants of his.  perhaps fai de floweryna was right, good man are not just taken, they simply not existing anymore. bottom line is, whatever!


One comment

  1. i’d say, i am the one of the cases stated above. it just happened.

    some women are strong enuff they can prevent herself form involving in this case. some are just too weak…they can’t and sometimes they just don’t want to anything about it.

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