girlfriends are the best!

June 11, 2007

why girlfriends are the best?

1. u can sit together and u can exchange at least 10 different topics under the sun at one time, in no particular order, and everyone will still understand what the rest of us was saying. for example :

elizabeth : nice shoes. is it new?

mei lin : no lah, it’s not new, something i dun wear for quite sometime now. there’re still a few pairs at home. am thinking about giving them away for charity. know any place ah?

suraya : there’s a place for donation, but i dun remember where. heard about it in the radio yesterday. eh, when will the sale start eh?

lola : i’m moving to a new house. know any place good?

elizabeth : what’s wrong with your house? eh mei lin if you have good shoes and don’t want them, sell it to me la, half price, the rest u can give away to charity ..

lola : yes, show me as well. bla bla bla .. and mind you, esok hujan tau. bawak la payung.

mei lin : haiii .. bile la aku nak beli kereta nie. viva .. oh viva …

u see, in one time, women can talk about different things without getting lost. add a man in the group, he’ll say ” exactly, what are u girls talking about?” .. well, it’s basically nothing and everything!

2. u can whine about your problem, then friend number 2 chirp in and whine about her problem, then friend number 3 whine about her problem, then friend number 2 again, then u whine again, then friend number 4 says she face the same thing .. and there goes the cycle. i mean, u can whine for all you care, just to get it out of your chest, and they can whine all they can. no one asked for any solution or suggestion, and so no one provide anything. it’s different when we’re with men. when we whine, they offer solution .. huhu .. we have brains you know to think about the solution, we just wanted someone to listen. that’s why girlfriends are the best.

3. girlfriend give honest reactions when we go shopping. for example “the design is ok, but not very nice when u wear it”, or “just buy the magazine, later i can borrow”, or “kan dah banyak baju u design macam tu jugak” or whatever. i think a man will say “it’s nice” or “it fits u nicely” or stuff like that because they want the ordeal to be done as soon as possible. with girlfriends, it’s  just the reverse because they like it better if the shopping continues longer hehe ..

all in all, girlfriends are the best, to gossip, to whine, to laugh with, to cry with. girls are great companies, emotionally, in a turmoil. when our car broke down in the middle of the road, or the pipe go haywire or the lamp in the bedroom doesn’t work, men are still the best buddies ^o^!



  1. satu lagi yg biasa

    Her: sy rasa sy gemuk laa
    Him:awak tak gemuk laa
    Him:tak…ok je sy tgk
    Her:yelaa awk je yg rase ok,tp sy rase gemuk
    Him:so,awak nk diet,tanak makan?skiplaa dinner ke ape ke…
    Her:taknak, saya suka makan…tp saya tanak gemuk

    bukan kita nk solution…cuma nk mengadu dan please just listen…

    i just love all my girlfriends…

  2. good one sufi! i love you tooooo …

  3. HAHAHA…nice one aimi..n sufi too..couldn’t agree more..
    hehehe..i just can’t stop laughing coz it is so true n girlfriends are indeed the best esp shopping.

  4. mi, i couldnt agree more too…
    yep, mi.these what i can remember when we go shopping..

    mi, that one nicer, on ur right. u’ve got that patent already right…
    mi, mu kan dah ada banyak baju kaler itam putih…
    chah suka sangat kasut gitu.
    tak aku tak leh pakai tumit cgitu. sakit.
    chah aku tak nak tngok ko pakai kasut cgitu lagi. jadi lady sket. (mid said this)…

    sumtimes when go shopping we just couldnt care if the comments are harsh. because we wanted to spend wisely? and worthily.

    i love you gurls.

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