Mana Sani .. Mana Saniku …

May 28, 2007

last saturday and sunday were spent travelling from KL to Kuantan and returned. Kuantan don’t seem to be a very far away land when you travelled with the most happening companions on earth that is midesmidesmides and cachah .. we talked all the time about everything imaginable under the sun. and we sort of have a new theme song, in which the only line we can sing is ” mana sani … mana saniku….” oooopppsss .. if ‘anybody’ should be angry or jealous, my advice is : don’t be. the song don’t mean a thing ( i can’t believe the same song i kutuk caci maki the other day has become a theme song??? … sigh …) it’s just a (sorry to say) good laughing material ahahahahaha ….

all in all, last weekend, plenty friends of ours has gotten married. zahack and bebeth, aini and izuan ( 2 of my friends married men named izuan already), kerk and who-that-girl-i-don’t-remember-her-name. toast to them all. may you all become the happiest couple, the best thing for each other, and may you live longer to be the greatest parents and grandparents to beautiful children and grandchildren!

“isteri hamparan dunia, suami langit penaungnya,

isteri ladang tanaman, suamilah pemagarnya,

isteri bagai kejora, suami menjadi purnama,

bila isteri beri hempedu, suami tabah menelannya”

by the way, the streets are empty, and the office is less, errr … livelier .. oohh, it’s school holiday .. no wonder ..


One comment

  1. 1st time aku bawak iswara aimi.
    tp, serius ckp ko kene betulkan brek kete ko. bahaya siot…

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