Housemate Crisis

May 25, 2007

i’m moving to a new house .. my first problem is a new house with an affordable rent, and the second one (which has now become a major problem) is looking for a housemate with ‘matching’ personalities (matching here means we both can mingle with each other easily, can talk and laugh, not sit together at the living room, watching tv in awkward silence and when we do actually talk, it sounded as if we are talking as one CEO of a company to another CEO, very formally, with grammar and all). so there.

i went around bangi and found a very nice house, not fully furnished but got tv fan tv rack nice langsir fully tiled floor, and it is situated on the 2nd floor. perfect, don’t have to climb the stairs too high. problem : the rent is too expensive for me to bear on my own. 550 a month is a lot. regardless of gaji naik or not, it still a lot. that does not include the astro and utility bills and all. but if i have a housemate, we can already split the rent and the utility bills. if she wants to watch tv, then we can share the astro bills as well. less spending on housing there. and to pay the deposit on my own, aiyo … sangat mahal! with a housemate, the deposit can still be splitted.

then got to see another agent who only want to show me the house at the 5th floor, because he said i wanted the cheapest house. hello, i’m looking for a suitable house which i can afford, okay, not the cheapest. fine the rent is cheap and affordable. i can still bear 250 or 300 a month, but at the 5th floor? it’s good exercise, but NO! so perhaps – rejected.

another friends of friend agreed to join me in my quest for a new house, because they want to rent a house as well. problem is, they don’t want to stay in bangi. they prefer kajang. Kajang is like a faraway land. even though the rent is cheaper there, but i have to mark up for the gas and perhaps the toll. so maybe NO ..

someone also asked why didn’t i go and stay at seri kembangan? ok, it is  still smelly there (sometimes), only one way to putrajaya (will be very heavy traffic), the road is still very sunyi ( me handle functions, got back very late at night sometimes) and the flats have parking problem. so, again, NO.

where else? serdang? i grew up a UPM student, got tired of serdang already, so, no thanks!

putrajaya – precint 11 will be like flat hijau once it is fully develop, parking problems, so, no!

i know, someone would suggest me to just join anyone who is looking for a housemate, but i have an experience of renting with a perfect stranger, and i don’t like it.

and don’t ask me why i want to move out. i don’t want to move out, i just have to. i love my house (meaning : house, not housemate) a lot, but what can i do?

right now, pretty big crisis. perhaps i’ll end up under the stairs of midesmidesmides’ house. who knows .. huhu ..



  1. oh well.. paris.. dun worry..
    u r always welcome to our house..

    but i would say under the stairs is pretty crowded with loads of stuff..
    hehe just kidding..*wink

    no wonder u sent me the “find me hosmet” msg..terkompius sekejap..

  2. paris…be patient.u’ll find a house with the full package of matching housemate, soon…i’ll always behind you..(tagging along) ur way in search for the house and the housemates…

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