May 25, 2007

dengan ihsan cachah, aku dan beliau telah pergi nonton wayang bertajuk “cinta pertama”. dengar tajuk pun tau citer indonesia, citer melayu tajuknye akan berbunyi seperti zombie kampung pisang, sembilu, sumo-lah, dan sebagainya. aku harap citer nie macam citer-citer indonesia biase yang aku tengok, kater-katernye penuh puitis dan riak muke pelakonnya bisa membuatkan air mataku berlinangan dan mengalir (apehal aku jiwang nie???)

“Unlike other tragic love stories, there is no purpose in this film as it fails to connect the tragedy and the story. In “Cinta Pertama”, however, it is clear that Alia is suffering from brain cancer and that she is going to die soon. Therefore, the following scenes are flashbacks that tell us her feelings for Sunny. Of course, there are some subplots in between, but they do not seem sad to me.

Forget about special effects. This movie goes for something as simple as rain to get us into the mood. It is drizzling and raining throughout the movie as Alia likes rainy days. As for cotton buds, which are used to bring out a warm and romantic feeling, the effect is just the opposite. They just look ridiculous, especially when Alia is spending time with Sunny.”

this is one quote i got from the website. frankly, i quite agree with him/her. the story line is romantic, but not romantic enough, it’s romantically depressing. indah tapi menyeksakan. plotnye very slow, and not touching enough to get me crying ( i was sobbing very hard when i watched HEART). and the movie don’t have a specific theme. poor abi, if she doesn’t want u, come to me handsome!

 the most depressing thing about the movie is the “sunny” song. no offence sani-san, but it’s ridiculous! like sunny, sunny … aiyo!!

huh, i’m done blogging for today. or perhaps for the week. KERJA MEMANG TIDAK MENIMBUN!


One comment

  1. i seriously wanted to feel the movie, but…once i heard sunny’s name shouted, talked…my sense of jiwang faded away…

    anyway, this movie did invite some tears though…

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