wednesday marathon .. what am i doing?

May 16, 2007

this is wednesday, out tv marathon day. the schedule are as follows :

8.00 pm : American Idol – i never missed this series until the week chris richardson my beloved was kicked out by the american voters .. sigh.. but the finalist of the series ( jordin, melinda, lakisha and blake are gooooooooood and have the desired qualities of great singers – lakisha was so fantastic that simon cowell kissed her in one of the episodes!) unlike malaysia, who voted for “Line Clear” .. huh.. HE DANCE LIKE A DAMN STICK!

9.00pm : Heores – i don’t need to say anything about this ..

10.00 Crime Scene Investigation a.k.a CSI – Grissom is still on holiday but i think the temporary guy is cool in his own way ..

and as always, i’m spending the night at midesmidesmides .. it’s awkward to watch tv with my housemate (because the tv is hers) even though we have been living in the same house for almost 9 months!

 to make it short, i love tv programmes. if there’s no tv around, i will crash and burn!


One comment

  1. i enjoy heroes and of course grey’s! hmm…hopefully your next housemates will have the same preferences, so we can go crash in ur place, once in a while.

    i am sorry, i cant entertain u well this week, i am kind of messed up. miss u, and all ur comments. take care!

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