In The State Of Denial

May 16, 2007

This is not my laziest day .. in fact, i am lazy most of the time huhu .. but i think now is the worst .. i have 1 paperwork (sort of) to present tomorrow, 2 claims (mileage expanses and all kinds) to be sorted out,  nicely arranged before i can send it to the finance people, a trip @ visit report, a course report etc etc ..  God, why am i so lazy?? aiyohhhh ..

 just now went to a Famosa resort to recce for a seminar venue .. it was so vast! the sales people mr Faiz (he’s cute but not my type .. quite sotong (pardon me!)) showed us to all the places. i was stupid for putting on my highest (mind you, HIGHEST!) heels .. damn my foot need a massage ..

now i’m tired. i want to rest. pull stop!


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