I can win AF toooooo!

May 14, 2007

u know what, i think for AF6 i’m going to sign up for the audition. and i’m sure i’ll end as one of the finalist. i’ve discovered that the secrets of achieving this are :

1) Maintain the way i sing right now. i know i don’t sound as pleasant as mariah carey or carrie underwood but ok la (simon cowell will call it garbage anyway, but maybe not the AF’s criticisers .. they’d rather say, i think this is not your best performance .. whatever).. whay am i so confident? because someone there who sang just as -ehem- ‘biase-biase’ one like me get to be the finalist!

2) Dance like a stick – it’s proven to be true .. u don’t have to dance like a swan, a stick is okay .. i’m not a good dancer, but i know as much as the aerobick moves, some basic salsa and some ‘pop’ poco-poco .. surely i’ll do better than a stick won’t i?

3) Get sick on the second last week before the final concert- well, even though your name was on the bottom of the list, whatever effort you show when you are sick, people will see that u’re putting extra effort and of course, they will vote for you ( we are a generous and caring society .. excluding me).. let’s put it this way. when you are healthy, the effort you show will gain you 15 marks, but when you’re sick, the same effort that deserved 15 marks will be upgraded to 100 marks, because you look so pathaetic .. damn ..

i’m sorry malaysia, brunei .. i don’t want to condemn you for voting the student i don’t like at all, it’s your money, it’s your choice (by the way i didn’t vote. i used to vote once for adam (i lurve him) but i realized that he’s not going to marry me if he wins just because i voted for him). but i am a little bit dissappointed as whoever vote for my favourite student were kind of just wasting their money because others are voting perhaps out of sympathy to that particular student. huhu ..

so i guess, i’ll sign up for next AF .. perhaps you’ll see me in TV next year with the tagline “line clear giler babas!!!!” (versi gedik-gedik sikit ..)

and oh, did i mention, in order to be a finalist, u at least have to look a bit like mawi? maybe i’ll have plastic surgery next year to look like a ‘girl’ version of mawi ..

jaa ne ..  syawal, akak tetap menyokongmu, muahsss …



  1. mi, u sure got talent seyh and approved already…otherwise, u wont be singing for the function2 one gituew…so if u want to participate in the next af, better get prepared from now..huhu..

  2. me as usual akan sentiasa melangut depan TV tgk AF. n thn depan mungkin channel @15 tu akan sentiasa ter on kat umah aku sbb nk tgk ko. maklumla rindu la kat ko, sbb lama tak jumpa nanti

  3. kawan2 aku mmg supportive giler la .. afundi aimiwi (sebab nak ader unsur-unsur mawi, name pun tukar) .. ahaha ..

  4. wah..wah aimi..so terang an striking..waduh waduh..kena pakai rayban membaca blog mu..

  5. i love colours .. the more colours, the merrier .. ahaha ..

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