Yesterday .. All my Troubles Seems So far Away ..

April 25, 2007

a memoir of a April 24th nite :

 7.00 pm : went to alamanda to accompany FishFish for breakfasting.. Noleeleelee was also there. Eat nothing but guava and laichee kang, then mengidam for something else .. but in the end didn’t really buy anything, because Noleeleelee suggested i go home and ‘kapit aiskrim’.. u know what, i did went home afterward and kapit aiskrim and makan .. yummy! (kapit aiskrim means : ice cream sandwiched between two waffles .. )

8.30 : arrived at home, planning to watch korean drama Which Star Are You From, but Rina conquered the TV first, so i backed off .. retired to my room and iron DPA batik to wear to office tomorrow ..

9.30 : UGLY BETTY on air! i could never miss Ugly Betty because i lurve the series so much!Poor Daniel Meade .. I hate Sophia Reyes! I understand that a woman has to be strong, independent, but to dump a man on TV?? That is so NOT cool! It’s degrading! I don’t like Daniel to flirt, tut tut then left either, but to dump a man ( as adorable as Daniel) is just so .. inhumane! U already got the man hooked up with you ( i mean it’s not easy to get a man to commit to a marriage, especially man like Daniel) but she managed it ( be it 60 days, 600 days, whatever), it is already an accomplishment.. Plus, Daniel was so serious .. That was the first time he really ever fall in love, up to the extent of ready to settle down .. Okay, i know it’s just fictional, but i can’t help but feel sorry for Daniel and hate Sophia Reyes .. But i really ADORE Amanda in the end, u know .. she ‘belasah’ SOPHIA ! I love it when someone stood up for the people they love, no matter if the love is unrequitted or what .. WAY TO GO AMANDA!

10.30 : Desperate Housewive – i never watch the 1st season .. but i guess i get the whole plot .. i won’t say i really love it, but i guess it was okay. I love the conflict .. it’s something we have to deal with eveyday, u know, annoying neighbours, ex of husband, ex boyfriend, two – timing boyfriend, mate – poachers, egoistic partner, bla bla bla ..

11.30 : went to bed .. so tired today!

 *actually, there no moral of the story .. just something to scribble .. huhu ..


One comment

  1. i agree with u on sophia reyes. tapi perasan tak, nerd yang keje ngan sophia yang nak pinjam baju betty tu, amanda. in her nerd way la…

    i also agree bout what u said of amanda. yeah, suka sangat bila amanda belasah si sophia tu. amanda rocks!

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