A Breakfast To Remember ..

April 24, 2007

Actually, I have quite a bundle of reports to finish by tomorrow morning, but right now I’m living in a state of denial, and you know what, ignorance is such a bliss .. I still have all night to do my reports, considering I have watched all the necessary CSIs of the week (n_n) .. So for now, I’ll concentrate on drafting my blog entry .. 

I HAD A GREAT MORNING! Breakfast is always the best time in my daily life, especially when the breakfast is shared with cherished friends. Today’s breakfast anyway, we had it at a faraway place haha .. Sani-Hiro san took us to Klang (wow, breakfast at 50 km away from home huhu ..) on EllyaMasyrik san’s suggestion to try a Kopitiam there .. I suspect he’s trying to cheer us up after the Bangi Kopitiam incident. Needless to say, we had a sumptuous breakfast. We practically order like everything they had to offer at the restaurant. And we (with the exception of the still ‘mamai’ MidesMidesMides) ate as if we had been fasting without breakfasting for two straight days .. We really live up to the expectation of the advertisement: “We Must Eat Rice” .. Or should I change it to “We Must Eat Rice Lemak”?? 

I’m not writing to comment on the service or the food deliciousness or if there’s a hot waiter (by the way, there’s none sob sob ..) or anything, I just want to reflect on the joy I feel when I spend time with my friends. These people bring a smile to my face, they make me laugh, they let me drive their car (today I drive Sani-Hiro san’s ‘BMW’ fuuuyoooo!), they treat me breakfast (again, Sani-Hiro san always pays .. he’s the richest of us all, arigato!), they give us free movie passes (Cachah thanks, I love you! – even though I rarely make use of the passes), they let us watch TV (especially AF) at their house (MidesMidesMides and Noleeleelee .. ur TV big and nice one .. thanks!; Cachah, next time I go to your house dun forget the ‘teh wangi’ ok?), they let us crash and sleep-over at their houses (again MidesMidesMides .. ur room is hot by the way (;p) ) .. and many, many more .. I am much happier with them even though my real self prefers the solitary and the quietness of my own space ..  

It always makes me wonder actually, these people have done so much for me, but what have I done for them? Take them to the zoo and museum? Sigh .. Poor them to stuck with me ..

By the way, this entry was actually written two days ago .. so just pretend that u are reading this on sunday morning hehe ..



  1. I really did reading this with the sunday morning mood..
    lambatnya nak cuti~~~


  2. glad that u were having fun! yeah, with loads of assignments…i know u can do it! berusahalah!

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