April 18, 2007

LEO – The Lion ( an excerpts from fish fish blog)
Great talker(NO ..)

Attractive and passionate (Errrr ….)

Laid back( u can say that ..)

Knows how to have fun (my definition of fun is actually totally different from other human being i suppose ..) 

Is really good at almost anything (this is however, a total B*&#Sh%t)

Great kisser (waiting to discover this new talent ..ahahaha ..) 

Unpredictable (actually, it’s a no for this statement)

Outgoing (not really … enjoy going out shopping yessss …) 

Down to earth ( actually, SHY ..) 

Addictive (errr .. to what? handsome, bad boys??)

Attractive( i thot attractive was already mentioned before ..)

Loud (if you mean my voice, well, yes) 

Loves being in long relationships ( i want my relationship to be forever, not just long ..)

  Talkative (i’m not BECOK, if that’s what u mean ..)

Not one to mess with (ABSOLUTELY!) 

Rare to find (Oh i’m sure u see my face around, all the time ..)

Good when found (Of course hehe …)

 echah asked me to update but seriously, i have no idea whatsoever .. anyway, just now i read a blog about a man and his girlfriend’s perspective on their relationship. The boyfriend thinks the girlfriend was so insecure about herself, and the girlfriend thinks that the boyfriend was so insensitive about her needs. they both got the wrong idea but to cut it short, the relationship survive the perspective ..

the thing is, when i read this, it crossed my mind that, this is me actually. this is what i always think when i fall in love with a man or just have a crush on him .. i wouldn’t dare to take the next step forward because i think he’s too good for me, and i will never be enough for him. so i stopped .. and this insecurity syndrom, has never been cured .. not that i have no confidence in myself, but i’d like to think that my looks would never attract anybody to get to know me .. maybe if they can see the real me ( and can stand my swinging moods, my ignorance, my addiction to tv series) they will like me .. but they have to start to get to know me, i won’t open up voluntarily .. i just won’t ..

and in the blog, the man said that he couldn’t understand the girlfriend. one of the reason is that he doesn’t speak ‘womanese’.. nice word by the way .. anyway, i think he has the right to feel that way because women are creatures that were created solely not to be understood. i’m sure everyone understand that. but i can tell you, most women still want men who make them feel cherished, loved and protected. i for myself, would like that. but apart from that, there are women who wants the freedom to whatever it is they want to, whenever, whereever, with whoever .. they are just not the type to settle down, at least not until they realized that they’re aging, has lots and lots of money but don’t have anyone to give the money to .. i don’t know in which category i fall into .. i guess both .. i want my man to love me, to protect me, to cherished me, but i still want my space, and i will give him space ( just don’t cheat with the space given!)  and time. Translation :

1. send me a message but it doesn’t have to be something silly like ” dah makan?” every single meal time (breakfast brunch lunch tea dinner supper) .. i’ll let u know if i want to tell you .. but once in a while is okay (n_n) and don’t ask “dah tido?” when it’s 1 in the morning .. huh ..

2. send me flowers on special days .. i don’t mind any flowers as long as they’re not bunge tahi ayam hehe .. it’s better to give me a suprise kekeke .. I LOVE SUPRISES!

3. have faith in me ( trust that i will never cheat him .. because i never will ..) but it’s okay to be jealous once in a while .. i like it when my man says he’s jealous of something or someone related to me, it shows he cares .. but to always be jealous is a pain in the @s$ also ..

actually, there are a lot more .. but i don’t want to continue with this crap .. because it’s a crap haha .. tabah!

 exactly, what crap am i writing?



  1. thanks for updating. this post is really interesting. u’ve got talent!

  2. nice one….
    and i do agree most part of it..haha..

    swinging mood and ignorance..haha.. i didn’t realise we have so much in common..haha


  3. ignorance tu salah satu cara aku nak tunjukkan ego aku. hahahahha

  4. ignorance tu cara tunjuk ego eh mid..

    i’m ignorance sebab nk jaga hati sendiri..
    eh cam best lak topik ignorance nih..
    kene research skit nih..

  5. a’a. bila bole ikut ego sdiri, itu la dtg kepuasan tu (wpun sebenarnya tak de bawa apa2 kebaikan je pun).

  6. kalau dah bwk kepuasan tu, kebaikan la tu..kebaikan kepada diri sendiri…

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