I will NOT be NICE – BANGI KOPITIAM s*#@s!

April 8, 2007

I don’t want to be a Malay critic who criticize another Malay, but i just had a terrible experience with a relatively new Malay restaurant (name as mentioned above ..) they totally s*#$s! For a start, a general rule for a kedai makan owner, “don’t ever get the customer/s pissed off over BREAKFAST”.. we (the customer) were very hungry in the morning and were looking forward for a nice, if not very delicious breakfast, but what is good breakfast without an excellent service?? In our case, we don’t even get an excellent service, but better yet, a “very mediocre (to the core, mind you!) service”. we had to wait for like 10 minutes ( thousands of signal had been given to all the waiters in between sitting down and have a waiter came to our assistance), but when he came to our table, he took the remaining dishes away, then we waited for another 2 minutes for him to bring our menus, then another 2 minutes for him to wipe clean the tables, than another minute for him to take our order (and that is after he took the order from the next table, who came 10 minutes latter than us, but the girl is a little hotter than us 3 combined ..). Total operation time for order taking : 15 minutes. and that torturing 15 minutes, we had to endure another tprture of waiting for like 29 minutes before our first order arrived in the form of the toast. The taste, well, oookkaaayyy laaaa … then after 5 minutes our iced coffee arrived, and then 1 waiter came and said : “kak order nasik lemak rendang ayam 2 ye? rendang ayam dah abis.. sotong nak?” macam HARAM! chahchahchah (bukan nama sebenar ..) and midesmidesmides (juga bukan nama sebenar) was so pissed off, that they instantly feel like going back to their hometown and eat mom’s nasik lemak! they lost their appetite and refused to eat anything else .. i waited for my other order, that is the half-boiled egg, and it still hasn’t materialized even after 40 minutes .. i wonder, does it really takes like an hour to HALF-BOIL the egg? so, we left, FAST AND FURIOUS .. (drift drift drift .. background music ..).. and later end up here, in San Fransisco Pizza, Bangi, where the waiter came to our assistance almost immediately the moment we step inside the restaurant, helped us with the wifi connection and served fast, and delicious dishes of lasagna and pizza .. all in all, the Malays (or rather, this particular Malay) has to learn more about how to run a successfull business, collect a bunch of loyal customer and most of all, give a lasting good first impression(in terms of interior decor, friendliness of staff, excellent and warm service and palatable food and coffee). You didn’t give any to us, and sorry, we definitely are not going back to your premise!



  1. Huh..no wonder people are always going back to Mamak…Really wonder how did they prepare the Half-boiled eggs…took so long…

    p/s :
    Dear Owner of KB…if u have nasi lemak rendang ayam in ur menu, please have it in store ready for 24 hours of ur working business hours…I m so pissed off. ..zero for customer service….zero for food (for i havent taste it at all)…and thanks for the so-so white coffee…luckily there’s no service tax, otherwise…(only God knows)

  2. ala… tp nk rasa white coffee situ lagi leh tak? ke nak cari kopitiam lain??? aku dh mabuk kepayang kat white coffe tu la. (smalam aku tak dpt tido sbb overdose kopi. Bangi KOpitiam n San Francisco Pizza)

  3. u go alone .. i’m not going back there .. sakit jiwa mak!

  4. huhuhuhuhu….aku dh dgr live version citer ni dr aimi…tp sblm2 ni aku pegi ok je…cuma makanan dia takdelaa best sgt…aku cuma suke baju diorg tu je..kaler ijau pucuk pisang or ijau katak pisang…

  5. baru blk dr bangi kopitiam. dah minum white coffee lagi. so, dah tak terbayang2 dah. asam laksa dia not my taste la. tauhu bakar dia kuah kacang… biasa2 je. nasi goreng dia pun tak berapa. yg pastinya, dah lepas niat nk pekena white coffee lagi.

  6. fuiyoo mantap a mid…dah pergi for the second time! white coffee dia ala2 sama cam kopi aku buat kat opis jer..heheh…(ayat perasan)…

  7. service dier mid?

  8. korang dah discuss panjang lebar… so.. aku tambah sikit je… I agree the service there won’t win any award… but there is one plus point I think the other guys would agree…… one of the waitress there is really hotttttt….n that is enough to make my trip there worthwhile… he he he (gelak jahat)

  9. report ah….airy gatal yek

  10. servis dia so-so je. agak cepat may b sbb kitorang dok meja yg bebetul depan kaunter.

  11. sorry, who’s airy please? ooopppsss .. perhaps when we went there the hot waitress was off duty, didn’t see anybody hot then .. we al yang hot kemarahan ader la hahaha … anyway, i couldn’t care about hot waitress, but if there is a hot waiter, i still wouldn’t go back .. ayat paling hanj hanj sekali ialah, “ensem pun, waitress je ..” ..AKU SANGAT JAHAT ishk ishk ihk ,,

  12. actually, imo, we definitely should criticise. bcoz selama ni yg kedai melayu mostly ampes is becoz org mly tak kan komplen. ye lah, jaga budi bahasa etc. Kalau sembur pun, lepas tu mula la nak serang kita pulak as if kita ni adik dia or anak dia. kita ni Customer. Tp with certain malays ni, senang cerita, lebih sudu dari kuah. Bukak kedai tu macam dier dah berjaya, padahal, bukak kedai tu satu permulaan.

    i totally agree abt that kedai. Bad service (everytime i pergi tak pernah dpt service pun), agaknya waiter dia semua dibayar murah kut. so lepas 2/3 kali pegi – i’d rather drive to cyberjaya for the other kopi tiam yg lebih relaks dan tak ada boss kedai yg tak reti nak handle staffs sendiri. food pun jauh lebih sedap dr kopi tiam tak best t.

  13. cyber got kopitiam eh? must try nie … kawan2, mari kita melencong ke cyber plak. cuba nasib ..

  14. sapa kata bangi kopitiam tu melayu punya….

  15. salam, i went there at bangi kopitiam tonite for my dinner with my wife, as usual pakai baju koyak2..drove in our latest 5 series, parked a bit far from the kedai, masuk kedai, took 2 minutes for the waiter to come, datang2..i asked if nasi dagang is available because it is stated in the menu, dengan kasar the waiter kata takde bang, muka dia masam, and looked like he wanted to chase us out of that kedai..melayu..cepat berlagak, bila susah baru nak insaf..so to the owner of bangi kopitiam..supervise your waiter..they do look like gangster…

  16. the one that i went with my wife was in Bangi..different than their branch in Wangsa Maju..warm and excellent service..

  17. im ex staff in bangi kopitiam…aku kata brocken is sistem in bangi kopitiam. waiters,supervisior,manager, and owner..for cook aww,,aww,,aww..aww,,..!!!!! no god..!!!

  18. tak payah pergi lagi…memang mcm hapa ntah services.. order mee hoon…skali nak mkn…mcm gigit tali tangsi…no more bangi kopitiam

  19. bangi kopitiam….owner nya melayu ke?

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