April 3, 2007

i had just realized that sufi has tagged ( what is tag dude?? somebody help!) and had given out the rules that each of us (the tagged one) has to list down si6 weird things about ourself. what weird thing? i think i’m normal .. but to please u sufi, here are si6 weird things about me (or so i think …)

 1. i’m a lazybum when i’m in my rental-house ( be it equine park, vista pinggiran or presint 9) – but i’m not that lazy back in my hometown .. dun mind cooking, washing the dishes, washing and folding the clothes, but here in selangor kuala lumpur i am a total ‘town girl’ .. i found the chore of taking the bundle of clothes to the washing machine as – a muscle torture ..kuikui ..

 2. all of my shoes (most of them) are black even though before i go shopping i had already make a resolution of buying shoes other than black .. black goes with everything, no arguments there!

3.  i have to have breakfast every morning before 9 or i’ll go shivering all over and couldn’t think of anything but food .. actually, i think about food too during lunch time and dinner hehehe ..

4.  i spend 3 dedicated years studying computer science, but only come to discover things like thumb drive, cd writer, anti-virus and stuff like 1 or 2 years back .. i found out about blog like, 3 months ago??? i sucks ..

5.  i couldn’t leave any of my book unwrapped .. in fact i can’t see a book (bought, not the library’s one) unwrapped and make it a habit to wrap the book i read, even though it’s not mine …

6.  i have a habit of buying every interesting-looking book, but reading like half of the book, wrap it, and stack it nicely on the shelves .. hehe ..

 am i weird? i don’t think so .. but the computer science student may find me weird and a total shame of the UPM-Kejut-Perisian gang, a biblioholic (ask ezdwan razak) may find me totally wasting my money on books i didn’t finish reading, but a dietician will praise me for never skipping my breakfast (until they found out that my breakfast usually consists of nasi lemak (sikit), kuih (3 bijik) and nescafe .. not very healthy, eh?)



  1. ahaksss…finally mi…aku dh hampir lupa pasal tag ni. tq. i luv breakfast too. tp kalo weekend, it will be sooo mencabar unless ada org kejut pg2 n ajak g bekfes n dtg amek kat umah n hantar balik…huhuhuhu(byk kan syaratnya?…sbb tu aku jarang bekfes time weekend, takde org nk layan karenah birokrasi aku kuikuikui). budak cs br kenal blog…?aduh…tp aku kenal blog pun time nk masuk ptd…huhuhuhu…ok skit laa…gapo lg nk ghoyak…hmmm…biarlaa aku tulis panjey2 skit..biar berbaloi demo bukak internet…k*jae meme byr gaji kito utk tulis blog apo…asah writing skill, takyoh g course pun…lastly, do singgah at our teratak sokmo ok…nnti lenkali rachel(rachel??wekwekwek…hahahaha) akan bancuh air teh dia yg wongi itu…
    p/s:sori byk meraban, aku tensi giler ni!!!

  2. ok mi, nanti mai biar time perfect, mu mari ari tuh ari aku frust (tak leh tgk grey) plus ari aku membasuh baju, so then, mestila malas nak buat air teh wangi tuh…(teh ahmad peach tea okay….)…nextime aku buat air tu…faveret sufi rupanya….

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