If Onlys ..

March 5, 2007

Life is full of possibilities. Things happened when you least expected it. For me, something had just happenned when i had not expected it at all. Me and my few innocents ( repeat : INNOCENT ) friends had to go thru one incident that i hope will be the first and the last in our adventurous-but-usually-innocent-life. I don’t want to write a story about it, it was in the past, but i couldn’t help wondering if my life could have taken a different path that day ..

1) If only ZF had not suggested we go for karaoke
2) If only Man U had not had a match with Liverpool
3) If only EEPANAH had not gone sulking about us going to bowling
4) If only we had agreed to go for bowling
5) If only PIRATES had gone out to the toilet during that time
6) If only we had gone to mamak and watch the football match
7) If only we had come in seperate car
8) If only we had booked and sang in different rooms ( which is so ridiculous that we didn’t even think about it)
9) If only we had not gone to the muzeum with ZF and PIRATES that day ( then ZF wouldn’t have suggested the karaoke idea and we wouldn’t have gone there)
10) If only we had bring any siblings or at least a pair of legally wedded husband-and-wife
11) If only we all just stayed home and slept the night off
12) If only PIRATES had not come with us ladies
13) If only the *^%$(& had not done any operations
* by this time u should’ve guessed what trouble did we all actually fell into *
14) If only any of us were actually married to each other or something ..
15) If only all of us are siblings by birth ( we are siblings what, according to us ..)
16) If only …

There could’ve have been a lot of If Onlys .. But to conclude it all, a i had a rough and hellish Saturday. And today i called my mum about it, and well, i had to endure the lecture on “they (my abah and ma) had never taught me to go to such places, going to such places is like booking a ticket to hell (now i know uwawa …), i better read or do research and think about furthering my studies bla bla bla …” In a way, i am actually very dissappointed in myself because i have dissappoint my parents. But somehow or rather, i have to learn to go to these places because these are the kind of things i might have to do to keep my job running smooth ( I also have to learn about how to escape or how to deal with it should the same thing happen). I have a choice of not to do it but heck, it was not such a very big deal. I guess i have learned my mistake. Perhaps i should have just stayed home and learn how to cook or sew or whatever it is, as long as i stay home. (I better sign up for a housewife class or something, or even better, a working/carrer-woman-housewife-club).. Life on Saturday SUCKS!



  1. paris….if onlys were existed only after things happened…we would never know what will really happen. we planned but God determined everything. be patient. take care.

  2. ya.. if only what will happen just as what we wished.

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