Hallyu fever

December 23, 2010

It’s been so long since i last blog eh? These days updating my emotion on facebook seems a lot easier than posting entries in blog. Nevertheless, here i am today, updating nekoparis via iPhone. It is sorts of a trial project.

Anyway, i am currently crazy about k-pop, that is korean pop (and korean dramas). I don’t really remember when it started, but i’ve always liked this one particular song by a korean boyband called super junior, entitled sorry sorry. I was captivated by the catchy tunes and the dynamic dance moves (i love boy who can dance. I find them sexy). But that was that then. But recently the interests in them has became deeper, that i started listening to their other songs, and downloading their video clips and stuffs. And not just them, a few others with catchy songs and interesting dance moves as well. My current two favourites are super junior and SS501.

Ok, now i remember how did this fever started. I watched boys over flowers, which is the korean version of live action drama of the manga hana yori dango. Never heard of it? It was a popular live action drama in japan as well, it goes by the same title as the manga. The taiwanese version is called meteor garden, about these 4 boys in an elite school who bully a poor girl in the same school. The thing is, in all of the versions, i have always like the same character, hua zhe lei in meteor garden, hanazawa rui in hana yori dango and yoon ji hoo in boys over flower. The one i was attracted the most was yoon ji hoo, played by one of korean prettiest boy kim hyun joong. I later came to know that he is a band member, called the SS501. So i did further search about the band, their songs and stuff, and then onto super junior as well. And then, i just got crazier over korean dramas which would always, always line up pretty, pretty boys. Now i sound like a cougar, but damn those pretty boys looks adorable!!

Ok, some of them do look too sotongish.

But anyway, i love the dramas because it does not portray reality. Haha. Why bother looking for reality stuffs in dramas when we can get plenty of them in real life. I don’t know about others, but i read book and watch movies and dramas to get away from reality. They make me feel real good, for example, if i watch a movie that is too depressing, than i’ll be thankful that my life is not as bad. If it’s too good, then i can keep on wishing that maybe i’m destined for such great things too. Haha.

The fever is here to stay for a long time, i think, for me, and for many others. So, let’s jut deal with it. You guys go and talk about EPL, formula 1 or Tenang by-election and i’ll be here with my collection of korean dramas. Cuti raya cina nie mabuk la aku marathon!!!!


Of Birth and Joy : One Proud Auntie!

June 3, 2009

Le Bebe..

I am the world’s proudest auntie at the moment, i think.

 My sister gave birth to a healthy baby boy last saturday May 30th, so healthy he weighed 3.95kg! His face is chubby while his body is long – long hand, long legs, long fingers, hoho.. My sister, the mother had to be operated because he is big! He was born in Temerloh hospital, approximately one week after the due birth date. And did i mention that he is so cute?

I arrived in Temerloh around 1pm and he was already asleep. He sleep peacefully, without a care in the world. We kept on teasing him, touching his face, his hair, taking off his booties to see his tiny feet etc etc but he simply ignored us and carried on dozing off. He was so cute (again hehe).. I was so eager to see him that i paid no attention to my sister (the mother) haha.. What can you expect? He’s the first nephew in the family!. My parents’ first grandchild! I could not express enough how proud i was (and still am!) At around 3pm he awake and cried a sad cry. We all laughed because we thought babies are supposed to cry a shouting cry (like uwauwauwa kind of cry) but instead he cried the huhuhu type of cry. Somehow, even the sound of the cry was really magical. It warms the heart (it warms MY heart). So my mum changed the diapers (his mother was still lying on the bed, unable to move yet. THe father was still kind of awkward hehe. Poor guy.) After the diaper had been changed, he went back to sleep. Just like that. Kecik-kecik dah kuat tido.

Towards evening more people came to visit, so my father had to ‘wake him up’. He woke up without a fuss, and the eyes were shining so brightly. He was so cute and looked so innocent! But he didn’t cry one bit. What a good boy! Oh my God, i’m praising my nephew like crazy!

He is not my son, but now i understand how does a parent feel upon the birth of their child, particularly the first ones. I am only the auntie (Maklong) but the feeling is already that intense. This is the next of our generation. He bears the hope of the family. As for now, he hasn’t been given any names yet, we still call him ‘baby’, but i hope my sister and her husband will give him a good name, and hopefully he grows up to be a great man and live up the name he’s going to be given.


~ The Proud Maklong Aimi ~


Of Death and Sorrow

May 28, 2009

In the course of one week, I face the death of two very dear persons to me, a family member and a respectable collegue. One was expected, another came as a shock.

Last week on May 20th 2009, i lost my grandmother. She was diabetic for quite a long time and towards the end, the kidney even failed to function. As much as we hate it, we were actually counting the days when she would leave us, because she didn’t seem to get any better even though much has been done. My grandfather checked her blood pressure and sugar level i think almost on half-an-hour basis everyday, to ensure they maintain stable and in control. She wouldn’t eat because she simply didn’t have the appetite left, but we had to push her to eat, we forced water into the mouth and things like that, to make sure her sugar level remain at the desired number. But i guess her time was getting nearer because nothing works in the end. I had no idea she was admitted to the hospital, perhaps in her critical condition, until my mum called me on Tuesday and said that the doctor had advised the family to take her home because there was simply nothing they could do anymore.

I left in a haste, stopping by in Bentong that night at my sister’s house for a night sleep, then proceed to Kuantan the next morning to see her. When we arrived (me and my two sisters and one brother), my grandmother (we called her Mek) was still awake. But i doubt she recognized any of us. She couldn’t utter a single word, all she did was moan every now and then, and refused every drop of water we forced into her mouth. Afterwards,, she seemed to be better and calmer, no more moaning, she just slept throughout the afternoon. We thought she was fine.

So my whole family decided to go back to Bentong to drop my sister (she was due to give birth anytime then), before my parents proceed to Shah Alam. They planned to go back to work the next day, and then came back to Kuantan perhaps Friday evening. But 20 minutes after we reached Bentong, we got words that Mek had passed away. For a while we were speechless. My mum must have been devastated, but she was quiet, and all of us seemed at loss as to what we should say to console her. We were all quiet.

Then my parents went back to Kuantan right after dinner, and had instructed me to stay in Bentong and picked up my youngest brother at school on the way to Kuantan the next day. I left Bentong at 6.45 on Wednesday, with my other brother, drove with the speed 120 – 140kmj, and reached Jerantut around 8.00am. My brother was in the class, sitting his mid-year exam when we arrived and cried when we informed him the news. We rushed to Kuantan (i sped, 140, 150 kmj i was afraid the tyre would get loose and fell off anytime but sped away anyway) and arrived just in time before the jenazah was bathed. My aunties and uncles, and even Ayoh (my grandfather) seemed calm despite the emotional environment, but i simply couldn’t stop crying. 

I was not very close to my grandparents, not that they were not doting, we just were not good in expressing our affection to each other. We visited them a lot, especially when i was younger because we lived in Kuantan as well, only 15km away but we were just not that close. So i don’t think i cried because her loss leave an empty space in my heart, but i cried because i could feel the loneliness of Ayoh and my mum’s siblings, especially for Ayoh. They had been married for nearly 60 years, spending every day of their life together, and when Mek was sick, Ayoh was the one most of the times (of course the children who lived nearby helped a lot), but most of the time, it had always been just the two of them. She couldn’t see very well, so Ayoh read her the newspaper word by word. She wasn’t able to walk, or to even stand up properly, so Ayoh cooked for her, took her to the bathroom, changed her clothes, feed her. She wouldn’t want anybody else to feed her or to massage her when she’s uncomfortable, she only called for Ayoh. I once saw Ayoh fell asleep on the chair beside Mek’s bed, holding her hands. ( i never thought i’d see this kind of scene in real life, i thought it was all movie stuff kinds of things). so imagine doing that for the last many years and the routine suddenly stopped because the person you have been caring for is no longer there. I mean, the world is still spinning, nothing else has changed, but there appears an emptiness amongst it all. so I cried for him.

Later on the next Monday, i met up with Ila, who said that she was supposed to meet En.Lan, a senior officer at the office for a discussion and evaluation session. But she said that En.Lan was probably not feeling well because she saw some of our friends took him to the hospital. i think nothing of it then, because i knew, he was on medication for several reasons. i thought he was just not feeling well, and perhaps he’d be back in the office next wednesday. little did i know that he has been acting strange these past few days (according to my friends) because i was not in the office for 2 months already. it so happened that on Wednesday May 27th 2009, i left the handphone in the room for the afternoon class, and got the terrible news from another friend. She asked me right after class ended, in front of everyone:

“Aimi, sape eh En.Lan dot dot (nama dirahsiakan atas sebab-sebab tertentu)” – Azu

“En.Lan, TP dot dot…” – Aimi

“Kenapa?” – Aimi

“Die meninggal.” – Azu

And i was speechless. I hardly believed her. I repeated the names three times to make sure i heard her correctly. I simply couldn’t believe it. I mean, only two weeks ago i send words to Fye to relay a birthday wish to En.Lan, and now you’re telling me he’s passed away? Ila just talk to me about En.Lan just two days ago and now you’re telling me he’s gone? No way!!!!

So i rushed to the room to check my phone and there i had it, Fye send a simple messege that said : “en.lan dah meninggal”, apparently one hour after she told me en.lan was admitted to the ICU. I rushed to the hospital and upon reaching there, many of the bosses in the office, as well as all of his subordinates were there. They said that i could still go in and see him for, probably the last time. They said they his organs had also failed to function, and his breathing had gotten slower because they had taken off the life-support machine, and that his breath would probably stopped anytime then. But i didn’t have the heart to go, i mean the trauma of seeing my grandmother’s frozen body still lingered, and i was afraid if i see en.lan i might break down. But in the end i went, standing outside the door just to catch a last glimpse of him. And i felt a big loss.

You see, en.Lan was very, very, very dear to us. He was one of our favourite boss. He was respectable because he sure knows his stuff, and you can say to the extreme details, he was diplomatic enough in his approach to correct one’s fault, he was flexible, he has the biggest heart and was extremely generous, be it about money, knowledge, advice, anything. He was our confidant. We could ask him anything and he would attend to our inquiries with respect and honesty and open-mindedness. He distanced himself enough for us to regard him as our superior, but he was kind enough for us to treat him like a dear brother, or father. I am not good with words, but to sum it up, he was a good, respectable man and we all love him dearly.

I am not in the office currently, and i can’t imagine the impact of his death to my friends there. At least i had a gap of not seeing him for two months already and therefore, the sadness is bearable. But i don’t know how the people in the office handle it. I mean, they all pass through in front of his office everyday, sometimes more than 20 times a day (because his room is located on the main route), he joined us most of the times when we gather in a friend’s room next to his office, we saw him reading the newspaper in the room everyday etc etc. And suddenly the room is empty, not because the owner is on leave, but because he is gone forever.

I pray to Allah, that he will bless both my Grandmother and En.Lan because they have the biggest heart and had been such great persons. Al-Fatihah.


..sesekali menjengah..

March 12, 2009

hari nie TC bersambung… volume 6, chptr 11.. happy~ happy~  saya pun bayar la $0.25 tu untuk baca. mula-mula baca dah blank, ape case tibe-tibe je luka mookyul terbukak nie? what? did i miss anything? tapi saya telah menunggu dengan sabar selama 2 minggu dan memang yakin saya tidak tertinggal apa-apa. sangat confuse. mula-mula confuse la. lepas tu jadi marah. sebab tak paham ape yang dibaca. lepas tu lagi marah, sebab tiba-tiba rupanya dah final chapter. APA???!!!! saya tak paham!!! what’s going on???

marah~ marah~marah~

bukak wordpress nak meluahkan kemarahan. bukak balik site tadi selepas log out. kekonon nak bukak site lain la. tetiba di ruangan update, TC Vol. 6 chptr 10.. apa???!!! betul la saya tidak miss membaca, tetapi mereka yang lambat upload. kejadahnya upload chptr 11 dulu baru download chptr 10… patut la saya blank.. happy balik~ hoyeah..

lepas tu hari hujan. internet pun blank. huh, jadi macam astro jugak ke streamyx nie, hujan je jam. hampeh betul..

layan twilight lagi sekali la hihi~

p.s : sekarang tengah layan nodame cantabile. dah menamatkan due season punya anime, nie baru nak start layan live-action. giler best! sila tengok. chiaki sangat cool!!!!! – saya letak sedutan satu episode di facebook for everybody’s glimpse of the anime. sila layan. iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!! <— jeritan favourite chiaki hoho… terbawak-bawak pulak..

p.s.s : demam american idol kembali lagi.. sukenye adam lambert! kakkoiiiii!!!!!!


Mr. A-Z = mraz

March 6, 2009

at the ripe age of 27, i finally went to my first concert ever, the “Jason Mraz Live in KL” at Stadium Negara last wednesday. I had to pay RM138 for the ticket, and it worths every single cent!!

Me, together with yanie and ct drove from the office around 5.45pm, and lucky for us, the road was clear. arrived the stadium (after sesat barat a few times) at about 6.30. we thought we’d arrived pretty early since the concert is supposed to start at about 8.00pm, but there are tons of people even earlier than us. the stadium was already packed with people by then. we had to queue up, a very long queue and had to finish the drinks because we cant take it inside. drink like crazy huhu. then we reached the entrance gates. the RELA man stop me to check the content of my bag. i had purposely brought my camera, in hope of getting a few photos of jason mraz as proof to you all readers, but the RELA man said, no camera allowed. dang, write it somewhere la dude!! so, i had to go keep it away at some lost and found counter, and then queue up again. bangang sungguh. then only the idea occurred to me, if i just put it in my pocket, they will not search it because they didnt do body search. well, what the heck. i simply couldnt care anymore. if i could just see jason mraz in the flesh myself, that is good enough for me.

we chose the standing area, because then we can dance freely. the area was packed with … err.. school-goers, college students.. suddenly we feel very old, very makcik because well, compared to all of them, we are obviously old huhu. but again, what the heck! we waited and waited, and at around 8.30 pm, Mr Mraz finally appeared on stage. he was so cool, so cute (i always thought he is cute), simply wearing a tee-shirt and his famous fedora hat.

and we had a blast!

he performed his famous songs like the remedy, you and i, i’m yours, geek in the pink, lucky including my favourite which is not so famous anyway, entitled if it kills me. well, i don’t even remember all the lyrics, and there were also some songs that i never heard of but he was simply awesome! since i am short, most of the times i had to ‘tinjit-tinjit’ to see him on the stage clearly, and yeah, that was good enough. i had to say, he is one amazing singer. he had a great, beautiful voice and he perform live very well. it was like listening to his cd except with a few tokok tambah here and there, a different arrangement and all. my only complaint is that, the malaysian singer who accompany him to perform lucky (it is his duet with colbie callait) did not do justice to the song. she didnt complement his voice and i must say, i hate it. true she had a good voice but she totally wrecked the song. i’d rather jason sing it together with the crowds. apart form that, like i said, it was a blast!

well, i didnt get any pictures or recording, but i experience it myself and i must say, i fall in love with him even more now. nowadays, i listen to his song all day long, in the office, in the car, at home. i’m now so taken with LUCKY. hum it everywhere i go. bet my frens are annoyed with me. hehe.. bear with me for just a little while people!

p.s sudah beli satu sandal hot. nie nak pegi beli lagi satu. yak ak au!



February 26, 2009

saya ada satu keping handbag (my favourite) kaler coklat gelap, tapi saya tidak ada kasut bertumit yang tidak terlalu tinggi yang sama shade dengan handbag saya. saya ada kasut yang warna coklat tu, tapi ia seakan-akan tidak mempunyai heels, jadi sungguh tidak syok dipakai di pejabat.

saya juga ada sepasang kasut berwarna hitam, akan tetapi,  saya tiada pulak handbag yang cukup vogue untuk dipadankan dengan kasut tersebut. ada la handbag warna hitam, tapi untuk santai-santai saja bolehlah, nak dibawa ke pejabat macam tak sesuai.

kesimpulannya, saya perlu mencari sama ada kasut berwarna coklat gelap atau handbag warna hitam yang vogue.

bunyi macam senang, akan tetapi, percayalah, semua ini tidak mudah untuk saya.

apabila saya mendapat berita bahawa saya akan menghadiri kursus bersama bakal-bakal diplomat Malaysia tidak lama lagi, lagi la saya berusaha mencari kasut atau handbag tersebut. malangnya usaha saya tidak berhasil. sungguh kecewa.

tiba-tiba dapat tahu kursus tersebut ditunda. macam petanda pulak usaha saya tu tak berhasil. haha..

hari ini saya memanjangkan kaki ke ikea. gian nak cuci mata dengan perabot, berangan layout rumah sendiri nanti. beli la penyangkut baju yang lekat di dinding tu. harap-harap berguna. lepas tu meneruskan perjalanan ke the curve. saja merayap.

masuk outlet concept padini, seed and vincci. berkenan dengan satu clutch bag. warna hitam : harga rm89 (adoi…) : berfikir : tiada sandal merayap warna hitam untuk dipadankan dengan cluth bag ini. jika mahu beli clutch bag ini, perlu beli sandal warna hitam, satu untuk santai, satu untuk function seperti kenduri, dinner etc.. baru la clutch bag tu jadi serbaguna..

sandal hitam untuk santai sudah ada di kepala. ok, tunggu 1/3/09 baru boleh bershopping semula. oleh sebab itu, sandal hitam santai : check.

jalan-jalan cari sandal hitam untuk function. terjumpa pulak handbag hitam yang cukup vogue. hati berkenan lalu membeli. selesai masalah handbag hitam untuk dipadankan dengan kasut hitam. buat sementara, abaikan masalah tiada kasut coklat gelap untuk padankan dengan beg coklat gelap.

jalan lagi. terjumpa satu kasut hitam yang hot di clarks. harga : rm248 (mahal mak datok!!!).. tapi cantek.. contemplating nak beli. kasut hitam sudah ada. hm.. berfikir..

ternampak pulak sandal ala gladiator yang memang sudah lama menjadi impian hati. sungguh berkenan. harga : rm248. sanggup beli kerana sungguh hot! masalah : tiada warna hitam. hanya ada warna bronze, whitish-gold and grey. lehhhhhhh… kalau bukan hitam, nanti letih la nak carik beg pulak dipadankan dengan sandal ini pulak. pening!!

kesimpulannya, malam hari ini hanya berhasil membeli handbag. kasut akan dibeli tetapi hanya bila tiba masanya. malam nie tentu termimpi-mimpi kasut-kasut tersebut.. owh…


Hero’s Come Back

February 16, 2009

1. put your iTunes, Window Media Player, etc on shuffle (i just play Winamp.. good enough)

2. for each question, press the next button to get your answer.


4. tag 10 friends.

5. have fun!

Driver’s High – L’arc-En-Ciel (GTO Theme) –> kehkeh lagu jopun..

Supermassive Blackhole – Muse (??? adakah ini bermakna aku blur? atau aku keji?)

Geek In The Pink – Jason Mraz (Metrosexual sangat ..eheh..)

Spotlight – Mutemath (OST Twilight – fye lebih menyerlah dengan sunglasses nye! bukan aku..)

Another Way To Die – Alicia Keys and Jack White (OST Quantum of Solace – jebon orang je ke keje aku?)

Rewrite – Asian Kung Fu Generation (ooppss.. ini lagu orang frust dengan hidup dier menyebabkan dier ingin erase everything and rewrite his life .. boleh ke dikira motto yang murni?)

Stay Away – L’arc-en-ciel (APA??? SAMPAI HATI KORANG!!!)

I Will Survive – Cake ( I or They will survive???)

Blurry Eyes – L’arc-en-ciel (petanda nak suh wat lasik kah?)

WHAT IS 2 + 2?
Haruka Kanata – Asian Kung Fu Generation (ehhhh??)

Womanizer – Britney Spears (sumpah, bukan aku, lagu yang kata!!!!!) 

7 Things – Miley Cyrus (kena bukak tag baru nie..)

Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps – Cake (apekah.. takde tujuan sungguh..)

The First Time I Speak With You – OST Naruto (macam kena pulak..)

Bella Lullaby – Carter Burwell (OST Twilight) – owh sungguh romantik.. kalau la piano tu edward yang main lagilah..

Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen (woah!!!)

Flightless Bird, American Mouth – Iron & Wine (OST Twilight) – aku pun tak paham..

Endless Story – Yuna Ito (not that big, i’m afraid.. takde ke lagu tajuk cicak ke, lipas ke, creepy crawlies ke..)

Decode – Paramore (OST Twilight) – hah, silakan decode my biggest secret miahahaha~

Eyes on Fire – Blue Foundation (ano.. ape tu?)

I Caught Myself – Paramore (OST Twilight) – kenape tang kawan-kawan je tajuk lagu ala-ala depressing nie..

Hero’s Come Back – nobodyknows (OST Naruto) – yeah.. i like..

Tag 10 rakan? Mahu tag rakan-rakan yang membaca secara sunyi (fye dan ila – walaupun aku tak berpeluang baca blog korang kan?), TP litium (kalau belum buat), tuantanah, faruq (supaya beliau apdet blog), khaiChennai, sani, zahack (sila apdet blog juge..), shahsulong dan M-I-N (wat notes kat facebook pun bleh..)